Choose the camping tent

How to choose a tent is the question that all newbies make when obtaining, or renew, camping gear. The curtains in the market are so many and with many prices, the choice basically depends on the type of use that the objective is.

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The choice of the tent is basically influenced by the amount of people who will inhabit the tent, the type of experience you want to deal with : resident or itinerant and the resort of camping : high, Mountain in the Valley or mountains.
In any speciality shop staff is prepared to answer the question : How should I scielgliere tent ? and also we try to give some basic advice.

The first requirement that the curtain must meet is the ability to resist to temperature and rainfall. If you plan to camp at the seaside or in the mountains this requirement can vary, for the difference in temperature and probability of rain.

1) For campsite by the sea are preferred curtains with lightweight sheeting and many areas of aeration. In fact the first enemy will most likely the heat all ’ inside the tent and not rain (Hopefully !)

2) For camping in the mountains (valley bottom) are suitable for curtains with medium-light sheeting, but with good resistance to rain (are indicated with resistance of 300 mm/m2 per hour) are preferred curtains with double cloth cover.

3) For camping in the high mountains are indispensable curtains with great resistance to rain and in the cold, generally these are small Igloos for 2 people max, in order to minimize heat loss. A good tip is to consider only top quality curtains and famous brands.

To the point 1 and 2, You can use curtains including economic unpretentious, Perhaps referring to the sleeping bag the job of heating (especially in the mountains).

To the point 3 You can't compromise and use only top quality materials.

If you chose to stay resident in a camp for the whole holiday you can use tends to Igloo with fast Assembly and disassembly or old fashioned Canadian tents, a little more labor intensive Assembly but very spacious.
If you choose Camping with several stages in the various campsites during the holiday, fast Assembly and disassembly are perfect curtain. Right now I think are beatable as Assembly time line curtains “2 seconds” of Quetchua.

The range of curtains “2 seconds Quetchua”, starts from the small tent 2 seats up to the tent for family “4.2 base” with 2 rooms (210cm X 180 cm) for double mattress and central area of 5 sq. meters and a height of 185 cm where change or eat.

For camping these blinds are great indeed are assembled in less than 15 min including pegs and guy ropes windproof. For dismounting you must learn the movement right and you should see the movie.





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