News dal mondo del mare e notizie relative agli sport subacquei : underwater apnea, pesca in apnea e news su sport acquatici.

Pesca sub apnea : consigli ai principianti…

Spearfishing apnea : Tips for beginners…

When you approach the underwater fishing free diving please be aware that the technique, e l’acquaticità si potranno acquisire con il tempo, queste doti incrementeranno l’esperienza e contribuiranno a formare un buon pescatore subacqueo. La dote importante da ottenere prima dell’attività sarà la preparazione atletica.

Dove praticare sport d’avventura a Ibiza

D ’ adventure sports in Ibiza

Ibiza is known worldwide for being the capital of summer fun and every year during this period, the demand for cheap flights to Ibiza on websites like Skyscanner flight Finder goes literally to the stars.

Controlli severi sul mare delle cinque terre

Strict controls on the sea of the cinque terre

Back to the past few days the news of the overrunning of a pleasure craft in the waters of the protected marine Area of Cinque Terre closed to navigation.
Fine piece of Coast Guard personnel in the context of surveillance and control activities but the alternation of these illicit actions in areas with total protection is a sign of a total lack of respect for marine ecosystems.

Bellissima Foto Gallery di Pesca sub : grandi campioni di pesca subacquea.

Beautiful Photo Gallery of spearfishing : large samples of underwater fishing.

Photo Gallery spearfishing : Beautiful pictures and photos of catches made during underwater fishing trips.

Cala Violina, Maremma – Grosseto : Mare e Natura.

Cala Violina, Maremma – Grosseto : Sea and Nature.

Cala violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma, near Follonica near Punta Ala, between Cala Martina and Cala Civette.

Pesca sub , apnea o snorkeling con GoPro Underwater Kit !

Spearfishing , free diving or snorkeling with GoPro Underwater Kit !

For the millions of fans of GoPro, l’action cam impermeabile per eccellenza, and for those who love the sea, the recent news of the launch of the GoPro Dive Housing has forever changed the way we do and think underwater shooting.

Cinque terre 2012 organizza : Corsi gratuiti di Seawatching alle Cinque terre

Cinque terre 2012 organizes : free courses Seawatching to the Cinque Terre

Share this year, free of charge, the Seawatching courses organized by the Cinque Terre National Park and is dedicated to children between 9 and 13 years and adults. Under the guidance of experts divers and naturalists, the boys are taken to discover the seabed Marine Protected Area of ​​the Cinque Terre.

Bollettino Mare – Capitaneria di porto

Bulletin Sea – Harbour master

Updated in real time with all the news of the sea : Alerts Ordinances and proclamations of the harbor. Our aim is to provide information to fans of Surf, Fishing […]

Video Pesca sub : Corvina profonda !

Spearfishing video : Corvina deep !

Video of underwater fishing with AlemanniSub sub rifle, catching a nice corvina in depth !

Video Pescasub : la pesca subacquea vista dalla Gopro !

Video Pescasub : spearfishing view from Gopro !

Tutti i video più belli di Pesca subacquea in apnea con le azioni di pesca dei più famosi campioni ed utilizzando le attrezature per pesca sub migliori e più conosciute. […]

Carrello Gommone per Pesca Sub

Basket rib for Spearfishing

These trailers are ideal for transport of boats and yachts, quick and practical operations of launching and hauling out safely.

Pesca Sub : regolamento e disciplina

fishing Sub : Regulation and discipline


Divieti Pesca Subacquea

Bans Diving

We summarize the main fishing bans in Italian waters as laid down in the regulation and in accordance with the Ordinances of the port captaincies and Coast Guard.

Pesca sub apnea: misure pesci catturabili in Italia

Spearfishing apnea: fish measures which may be taken in Italy

List of species and the measures which may be taken when fishing. These measures are valid also for underwater fishing.

Herbert Nitsch : Tentativo di World Record a -244 m No Limits

Herbert Nitsch : World Record attempt -244 m No Limits

In recent days, during the attempt to WR that Herbert Nitsch has made to -244 meters (No Limits discipline) diving champion, several times world Recorman seems to have been plucked from pulmonary embolism, currently its conditions appear to be improving.