Fisheries sub-

Spearfishing. Tecniche e consigli per praticare la pesca sub in sicurezza e con grande efficacia. Pesca sub all’agguato, pesca sub all’aspetto e pesca sub abissale. Collaborazione con grandi campioni di apnea subacquea e pesca sub profonda.

Video Pesca subacquea in apnea di Gabriele Delbene

Gabriele Dani apnea spearfishing in video

Gabriele Dani apnea spearfishing in videos; Extreme spearfishing for sample world pescasub abysmal Recorman.

22 May 2012
Pesca sub : Allenamento e Apnea statica in piscina

Spearfishing : Workout and static Apnea in the pool

Athletic training for freediving spearfishing modern Centre in pool. The preparation in the tank allows in the winter time the development and maintenance of residence times in static apnea, dynamic apnea and prepares for summer pescasub.

12 April 2012
Manovra globale di risalita ideata da Gabriele Delbene – Tecniche di apnea sportiva o pesca sub

Global maneuver lifts designed by Gabriele Dani – Sports or apnea spearfishing techniques

The global Maneuver lifts designed by Gabriele Dani can be applied effectively in deep freediving or spearfishing emergence phase abysmal.

21 March 2012
Corsi di Apnea e Pesca sub Team FreeDivers Italia

Team Italy FreeDivers Apnea and spearfishing courses

The FreeDiversItalia Team consists of a group of friends and professionals and related activities. Fanno Parte del Team Istruttori di Apnea della […]

19 March 2012
Apnea o pesca sub : Utilità dello stretching preparatorio…

Freediving or spearfishing : Preparatory stretching utility…

Stretching is essential before any sporting activity, in questo caso parliamo della sua rilevanza prima dell’apnea subacquea e la pesca sub . It can happen that you get a muscle tear during the dressing with the wetsuit.

19 March 2012
Fucile sub : Mares torna con il grande Viper PRO – Fucile Subacqueo Arbalete

Sub rifle : Mares back with big Viper PRO – Speargun Spear Guns

Speargun Mares spearguns, Mares Viper PRO. The gun spearfishing is reproposed sub Viper Mares for the 2012 con l’intenzione di tornare ad essere un riferimento tra i fucili sub per pesca apnea in agguato o all’aspetto.

7 March 2012
Board OVERCRAFT Sporasub

Board OVERCRAFT Sporasub

The swim platform Overcraft Sporasub has the characteristics of smoothness and stability in water, typical of the traditional large rigid boards, but with the advantage of having compact dimensions, Thanks to its modularity.

3 March 2012
Omer Sub Pinne Stingray Carbon Camu

Dive Fins Omer Stingray Carbon Camu

This new version of the fins Omer StingRay Carbon differs for camouflage livery that mirrors the photograph of a typical seabed.

3 March 2012
Muta Sporasub Reef Camu

Muta Sporasub Reef Camu

New wetsuits Sporasub Camu, specifically designed for the coral bottom waters typical of many oceans.

28 February 2012
Fucile subacqueo AIRBALETE Omer Sub

AIRBALETE Speargun Omer Sub

Pneumatic Speargun which combines the power of revolutionary air rifles & tilt skills and ease of pointing spear guns.

17 February 2012
Fucili subacquei per pescasub apnea : Cayman di Omer sub

Spear guns for apnea pescasub : Cayman Omer sub

The range of Omersub Cayman for spearfishing spear, can meet the needs of all divers in apnoea: dall’appassionato all’atleta sportivo.

17 February 2012
Mute Simbiox Camu di Omer sub, per pescasub apnea

Mute Simbiox Camu Omer sub, for spearfishing apnea

The new mute Simbiox Camu Omer Sub in split made with smooth exterior parts associated with outer lining parts. This combination of different types of neoprene in the same suit allows you to associate the resistance of neoprene neoprene smooth elasticity and warmth.

17 February 2012
Sincope anossica, impariamo a prevenirla durante l’apnea subacquea

Anoxic syncope, We learn to prevent it during underwater apnea ’

Durante l’immersione in apnea il sub sfrutta l’ossigeno presente nei polmoni e nel sangue, While oxygen decreases and increases ’ l ’ l underwater carbon dioxide produced by the body.

13 February 2012
Regolamento pesca subacquea in apnea

Regulation spearfishing diving

Below is an excerpt of the new Decree 2012, regulating also the spearfishing diving

13 February 2012