Fisheries sub-

Spearfishing. Tecniche e consigli per praticare la pesca sub in sicurezza e con grande efficacia. Pesca sub all’agguato, pesca sub all’aspetto e pesca sub abissale. Collaborazione con grandi campioni di apnea subacquea e pesca sub profonda.

Muta da pescasub apnea donna Sporasub YEMAYA

Sporasub spearfishing apnea wetsuit women YEMAYA

New spearfishing wetsuit with preformed cut specifically designed for the female form.

Blood Shift o “scivolamento ematico” in apnea profonda.

Blood Shift or “blood sliding” in deep apnea.

The call of blood that flows from the great circle small, blood or BLOOD SHIFT sliding is defined.

Pinne Sporasub Revolution Shoe Pocket

Fins Sporasub Revolution Shoe Pocket

The shoe of fin Revolution Sporasub has been engineered and designed like a real shoe and is therefore characterized by a comfort without equal in the market of diving.

Fucile subacqueo arbalete Omersub Cayman carbon

Speargun spear guns Omersub Cayman carbon

This arbalete Omersub Cayman Carbon using a 1 mm thick carbon blank with integrated shaft Guide and the Cayman handle. The head is opened that allows the use of one or two circular rubbers.

Muta subacquea Omersub Camu 3D

Corselet Omersub Camu 3D

Wetsuit Omer Camo Nylon lined open cell neoprene Interior and exterior. For the first time the mimicry of the suit is a three-dimensional photographic.

Fucile subacqueo Omer Cayman ET

Speargun Omer Cayman ET

New rifle Omer Cayman ET with stem to cuttlebone from generous size, from the large mass and rigidity, featuring Rod guide «Enclosed Track».

Muta sub Omer Black Moon

Diving wetsuit Omer Black Moon

This wetsuit Omer for spearfishing is characterized by a very special cloak that uses only shades of black and grey.

Problemi pesca subacquea e apnea

Spearfishing and freediving problems

The problems during a fishing trip void can be insidious and sudden, This requires a knowledge of physical abilities and limits, in order to prevent or overcome easily what could happen.



Nature has undertaken a short time a collaboration with Apnea Team, for us represented by Willy the Kid (Marco), istruttore di apnea. Una volta al mese troverete nelle nostre […]

Pesca sub: Andrea Griselli parla dei suoi risultati e presenta la nuova stagione 2012.

Spearfishing: Andrea Griselli speaks of his achievements and presents its new season 2012.

Andrea Griselli, diving team athlete “Sailing &” La Spezia, which in recent years has achieved several placings and victories in spearfishing.

Pesca sub apnea all’Agguato : tecnica e consigli.

Spearfishing apnea all ’ Ambush : technique & tips.

The ambush is a dynamic methodology spearfishing allowing the fisherman to get closer to the prey.

Fabbisogno nutrizionale dell’organismo ed alimentazione del Pescatore Subacqueo in apnea.

Nutritional requirement of ’ organism and feeding of Spearfishing diving.

Detailed description and advice for athletes, especially for athletes free divers and spearfishermen.