Offerte Hotel per la Settimana Bianca dalle Alpi agli appennini. Tutte le offerte in albergo, residence o appartamento per trascorrere una settimana bianca di sci, relax e divertimento sulla neve. Hotels con centri benessere e spa.

La Settimana Bianca è su – Offerte Hotels nelle Alpi

The Skiing is on – Find Hotels in the Alps

The best deals for a week's skiing in the snow in the Alps: dalle Dolomiti alla Valle D’Aosta, to ski and have fun in an unforgettable skiing holiday. Find hotels selected in collaboration with to give you cheaper and affordable proposals.

18 September 2014
Settimana Bianca Cervinia – Offerte Hotels e Appartamenti

Skiing Holidays Cervinia – Find Hotels and Apartments

More and more people love the snow, in the season 2015-2016 about 70.000 new skiers or snow fans, you will grant a skiing holiday or a ski holiday. Si apre così la ricerca all’offerta migliore che consente di risparmiare divertendosi.

2 May 2014
Settimana bianca 2014 Last Minute : c’è tanta Neve sulle Alpi !

White week 2014 Last Minute : c ’ is so much snow on the Alps !

SETTIMANA BIANCA 2014 Last minute : Le Alpi sono sommerse dalla Neve…..approfitta per prenotare la tua SETTIMANA BIANCA se non lo hai ancora fatto scegli il risparmio con le offerte las minute !!!

3 February 2014
Settimana bianca 2014 OFFERTE : Tutte le migliori locations sulla NEVE !

White week 2014 OFFERS : All the best locations on the SNOW !

OFFERS SKIING HOLIDAYS 2014 : with or without skiing the skiing trip is a goal for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, But even those who love the mountains and wants to relax with friends or family.

7 December 2013
Settimana bianca 2014 : tutte le OFFERTE per risparmiare, senza rinunciare alla vacanza sulla neve.

White week 2014 : all offers to save, without giving up skiing holidays.

OFFERS SKIING HOLIDAYS 2014 : with or without skiing the skiing trip is a goal for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, But even those who love the mountains and wants to relax with friends or family.

20 November 2013
Settimana bianca, oltre lo sci c’è di più !

White week, more than just skiing there's more !

Skiing in South Tyrol and particularly in Val di Sole is a classic destination for skiing and snowboarding, grazie ai comprensori sciistici all’avanguardia e per ogni livello agonistico, But even those who do not want to get on track, you'll definitely find an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation with many activities alternatives to skiing.

1 November 2013
Settimana bianca in Trentino, Dimaro ti aspetta nel cuore della Val di Sole

Skiing holidays in Trentino, Dimaro is waiting for you in the heart of Val di Sole

If you've taken the Trentino for your holiday in the mountains, Dimaro is waiting for your skiing holidays in the heart of Val di Sole

9 October 2013
Settimana Bianca 2014 e Sci per Famiglie e Bambini nell’Area Turistica Val D’Ega

Skiing Holidays 2014 and skiing for families and children in the holiday region Val D'ega

White week 2014 : In Obereggen Carezza (BZ) Winter proposal fit for parents and kids in the holiday region Val D'ega

5 October 2013
Settimana Bianca in Austria 2014 : la magia dell’inverno in Carinzia

Ski Holidays in Austria 2014 : the magic of winter ’ in Carinthia

At sunset, When the dark, nature is perceived more intensely in spite of the soft light: with the Moonlight and the whiteness of the snow emotions can only increase. That's what happens in Carinthia, When his landscapes immerse you in the winter magic, offering unforgettable moments immersed in an almost surreal atmosphere.

29 September 2013
Settimana bianca 2014 : Offerte con Bambini da Livigno a Roccaraso.

White week 2014 : Deals with children from Livigno to Roccaraso.

2014 : The skiing is a winter vacation that excites experienced skiers but also those who want to ski on the snow for the first time. White week 2014 skiing in the Alps or the Apennines can be just skiing and snow but also a relaxing and wellness. A skiing holiday with kids and family or romantic couples.

7 September 2013
Settimana bianca 2014 con bambini a Obereggen con l’Orso Bruno

White week 2014 with children in the Dolomites with ’ brown bear

The 21 December 2012, in Obereggen, Opens Brunoland, skipark for children, adult divertendosiGli are advised to learn to ski: the place of which we speak is banned to their boring speeches and mild rhythms that often hinder the fun. The 21 December 2012, in the skiing area Obereggen, near the runway Eben, Opens Brunoland, the skipark that the newly formed cooperative Val d'Ega tourism has dedicated to children, to enable them to stay as far away as possible from boredom.

11 December 2012
Settimana bianca 2014 Offerte in alberghi, residences o appartamenti : Snow Alps Low Cost

White week 2014 Offers in hotels, residences or apartments : Cheap Snow Alps

Offers skiing holidays 2014 :
Skiing always differs depending on the type of participants : This can be a time of relaxation for the family that selects wellness and hotel on the slopes, with the presence of child care facilities and baby park; or young boys and girls that fit in less elegant structures passing day on the ski slopes or in the snow park, back at the residence or apartment only late at night, ready soon after to leave to do night out clubbing and fooling around in the snow.

7 December 2012
Settimana bianca 2014 : Offerte dicembre 2013

White week 2014 : December deals 2013

White week 2013 : Update of all best proposals and offers for 2013. We have selected for you, in collaborazione con, the best online prices for skiing in winter from the Alps to the Apennines.

7 December 2012
Settimana bianca 2014 : Offerte in Tirolo

White week 2014 : Special offers in Tyrol

From 15 December taking super offers skiing holidays 2013 nelle montagne tutt’intorno al comprensorio tirolese di Hall-Wattens.

5 December 2012