Spinning Fishing Creek

Pesca alla trota fario, macrostigma ed iridea in torrente con tecnica spinning. Utilizzeremo piccoli artificiali rotanti e minnow con la tecnica di pesca light ed ultralight. Inoltre insidieremo i salmonidi con esche siliconiche utilizzando la tecnica UL finesse in torrenti appenninici ed alpini.

Vacanze di pesca in Italia tra i torrenti di Alpi ed Appennini

Fishing holidays in Italy between the streams of the Alps and Apennines

List of rivers and streams for trout and Salmonidae, for your fishing holidays in Italy in search of larger prey, but mostly the serentità and fun that can give you a fishing holiday immersed in nature. Fishing at trout, Rainbow Trout, char, Grayling, cavedani etc….

6 June 2016
Il migliore artificiale per la pesca in torrente a Spinning

The best fishing in artificial stream in Spinning

Which artificial use for trout in the stream with the technique of spinning ? Here's what we think are the lures more catching lures, rotating between, Spinner, minnow e siliconici… Some of the most effective lures for use with Spinning techniques L and UL.

5 June 2016
La migliore canna da Spinning per la trota in torrente di montagna

The best Spinning Rod for trout in a mountain stream

We try to understand what barrel is better use to do spinning in torrent, or mountain material. Fishing enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves spinning trout in streams, explore the full range of products available in the market to identify the spinning Rod solution for this specific technique.
Vediamo insieme quale canna è la più adatta per pescare a spinning alle trote in montagna…

4 June 2016