Itinerari Trekking, materiali per alpinismo trekking e outdoor, attività all’aria aperta in montagna ed al mare…

Vacanze estate 2018 in montagna : le migliori località …

Summer holidays 2018 in the mountains : the best location …

Plan your holiday 2018 in the mountains, all’insegna del relax, but also some outdoor activities in nature. The facilities : Hotels, Residences and apartments are ready to welcome tourists, who want to have fun in the Dolomites, le Alpi e gli Appennini…

20 January 2018
Vacanze estate in Montagna : Arabba 2018 e l’outdoor estivo nelle Dolomiti

Summer holidays in the mountains : Arabba 2018 summer in the Dolomites and outdoor #8217 l &;

Summer holidays 2018 the Dolomites In summer, Arabba is the ideal starting point to plunge into the heart of the Dolomites: reassuring pastures and gentle slopes allow regenerating walks and quiet desk dedicated to nature and silence. Always surrounded by a breath-taking panorama, between spires and majestic walls, where, Moreover, countless itineraries are drawn at altitude and climbing routes for hikers and mountaineers.

20 January 2018
Vacanze Austria Estate 2018 : La Carinzia per vivere una vacanza Outdoor !

Austria Summer Holidays 2018 : Carinthia for Outdoor holidays !

Nature has been generous with the Carinthia, sunny south of Austria. In the midst of the Alps the landscape is dotted with a large number of Lakes of pure water and transparent, with mountains ranging from powerful 3000 the rolling Nockberge peaks. From here the view extends over a region characterized by the cultural variety of the Alpe-Adria, from mild and sunny on the south slope of the Austrian Alps and from a population glad to welcome guests with availability, good humor and an ample dose of joie de vivre. Carinthia is the richest in waters between the Austrian Länder: hosts 200 bathing lakes, 8000 kilometers of waterways, 60 Healing wells and 43 glaciers. A region ideal for going in search of the "taste of childhood", Relive the memories and to experiment with new experiences.

20 January 2018
Lo zaino da arrampicata 4 stagioni Osprey

Lo zaino da arrampicata 4 stagioni Osprey

Uno zaino disegnato per arrampicarsi tutto l’anno. Ultra leggero, flessibile, rimovibile e adattabile alle stagioni, potete fare sempre affidamento su questo partner d’arrampicata.

19 December 2017
Tutti in cima All’EVEREST grazie alla Realtà Virtuale !

All on top All & #8217; EVEREST thanks to virtual reality !

It is the dream of every climber, the desire for all mountain lovers: reach the Summit of Everest is a single undertaking and are reserved for the few. From today, however,, Thanks to virtual reality, everyone will experience an unforgettable interactive experience to explore slopes of the highest mountain in the world.

10 September 2017
Val Gardena 2018 :  escursioni, ferrate scalate o passeggiate in MTB, sempre tra le montagne più belle del mondo !

Val Gardena 2018 : excursions, via ferrata climb or MTB rides, always among the most beautiful mountains in the world !

Val Gardena, unique place in the world for its natural beauty, belongs to the Dolomites mountains, one of the world's most majestic mountain territories, entrata a far parte della lista del Patrimonio dell’Unesco nel 2009.Qui arditi pendii, bizarre erosions, cracks and natural bridges come into dynamic contrast with rides of immaculate lawns, dove lo sguardo si perde all’orizzonte. The countries where spending a wonderful holiday in Val Gardena are: Selva di Val Gardena, S. Cristina and Ortisei.

10 July 2017

Cala Gonone : Free Climbing, Running, Mountain biking and Sea…..

The beauty of Cala Gonone, with wide scenario of cale, cliffs and sea caves, perfect for Bouldering, Running, Hiking and Mountain biking. Zona frequentata da un turismo non di massa ma ideale per gli appassionati di Outdoor in tutte le stagioni dell’anno. Il periodi migliori per apprezzare i percorsi e le pareti di Cala Gonone sono la primavera e l’autunno.

20 June 2017
Barmasse e Gottler scalano in giornata la difficile parete dello Shisha Pangma 8.027M

Barmasse and wall climbing in the difficult day Gottler Shisha Pangma 8,027 M

On the first try, Hervè has risen in a few hours the south wall of the fourteenth highest mountain in the world. As announced on departure from Aosta climber 39, that has led climbing partner German David Goettler, in Sun 13 hours and in Alpine style (without fixed ropes and pre set up fields) He climbed the 2.200 meters of the difficult South face of Shisha Pangma (8.027).

25 May 2017
La Sportiva presenta Miura XX la scarpetta d’arrampicata firmata da Adam Ondra

La Sportiva presents Miura XX the climbing shoe signed by Adam Ondra

La Sportiva celebrates with a "signature edition" the 20th anniversary of an icon of climbing : Adam Ondra

17 April 2017
Crozza imita Mauro Corona e la notorietà dello scrittore aumenta ancora…

Crozza mimics Mauro Corona and the writer's reputation rises again…

As you can guess from the Facebook profile of Mauro Corona, Mountaineer, climber and writer, l ’ imitation made by Maurizio Crozza has much amused, infatti dichieara di essere onorato per essere […]

15 April 2017
Anton Krupicka il nuovo Film che presenta il suo stile di vita

Anton Krupicka on new Film that presents his lifestyle

Attracted to always from a philosophy and a lifestyle to "Into the wild", Krupicka lives for half the year literally "on the road" in the pick-up chasing his dreams of adventure in the mountains of the Western United States.

15 April 2017
La Sportiva MaverInk, la scarpetta da montagna personalizzabile…

La Sportiva MaverInk, the customizable mountain shoe…

The climbing shoe is for climbers one of the few "Tools" necessary to succeed in their businesses, whether large or small, and for every climber is basically a different type of climb and then accordingly also different shoes, or otherwise adaptable to your foot.

15 April 2017
MOUNTOPIA : Presenta il tuo progetto sportivo e puoi realizzare il tuo sogno alpinistico !

MOUNTOPIA : Submit your sports project and you can realize your dream of mountaineering !

After the huge success of the first edition of MOUNTOPIA, Dynafit, the #speedup phase of the contest "What's your Mountopia?“. Until 28 may athletes and fans from around the world will present their sports project, without setting limits to the imagination. The first participation in a competition of alpine running to an Alpine crossing, until climbing a particular mountain, each project, feasible then with the help of DYNAFIT GORE and partner is welcome.

15 April 2017
La Sportiva Mythos Eco : la prima scarpetta d’arrampicata eco-friendly

La Sportiva Mythos Eco : the first eco-friendly climbing shoe

La Sportiva Mythos Eco is the first "green" eco-friendly climbing shoe re-edition of the famous slipper climbing the years 80 is the first climbing shoe made from recycled materials

11 April 2017