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Bottiglia SIGG il regalo Hi-Trek per San Valentino.

SIGG bottle Valentine gift Hi-Trek.

The 14 February is Valentine's day and Trekking lovers can enjoy a abottiglia Hi-Trek !!! The SIGG special S. Valentino.

22 January 2012
Val D’Aosta e Montagna Sicura siglano una convenzione

Val D ’ Aosta and Montagna Sicura sign an agreement

Signed the Convention for the implementation of initiatives related to glaciology, iniziative in materia di prevenzione valanghe e gestione neve tra Val D’aosta e Montagna sicura.

19 January 2012
Il Parco dell’Appennino Tosco Emiliano su Geo &Geo.

The Park of ’ Appennino Tosco Emiliano on Geo &GEO.

Geo service & GEO is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the municipality of Bagnone, which became part of the National Park of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano ’ in ’ summer 2010.

18 January 2012
Abbigliamento neve SALEWA Alpine Active per escursioni e ciaspolate.

Snow clothing SALEWA hiking and snowshoeing Alpine Active.

For hiking in the snow, ciapolate or winter hiking Salewa offers the Active Alpine clothing line.

16 January 2012
Tour du Roc D’Orméa nelle Alpi liguri

Tour du Roc Of Orméa in the Ligurian Alps

Questo percorso trekking parte dall’ameno paesino di Castellar, We will continue on a paved road shaded by pines, He quickly climbs between homes and campaigns up to reach a dirt road. […]

16 January 2012
Corso di arrampicata su ghiaccio.

Ice climbing training course.

The alpine guides “The Stone” organise a ice climbing course for beginners in order to popularize this sport.

13 January 2012
Garmin Approach G6 tutto il green a portata di mano ! e via con il Golf…

Garmin Approach G6 around the green at your fingertips ! and away with Golf…

The GPS Navigator Garmin Approach G6 allows you to have at hand the floor plans of the Golf courses around the world.

13 January 2012
Garmin e Soccorso Alpino collaborano per la sicurezza in montagna.

Garmin and mountain rescue work together for safety in the mountains.

Garmin Italy will support the national school Mountain Rescue Operations Directors providing technological know-how for their sat navs, providing technical training and GPS equipment.

13 January 2012
Garmin Italia sarà guidata da Stefano Viganò.

Garmin Italy will be led by Stefano Viganò.

The leadership of Garmin Italy was entrusted to Stefano Viganò, former head of the Fitness Division & Outdoor, who took up the position of Managing Director.

13 January 2012