Panigacci : good and ancient

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Podenzana in Massa Carrara (MS) You can enjoy in one of the many local restaurants a gastronomic product son of history of those lands, The hotel restaurant. It is a type of Unleavened Bread cooked in earthen molds rounded (These texts) they are first warmed up to be hot on the flames of the fireplace ; When you have reached the right temperature, which is determined by the color of earthenware, the texts can be removed from the furnace and are filled with a batter made from water, flour and salt; the texts filled overlap to create a stack, and left in this position for a few minutes. Once cooked they settle down the panigacci in Wicker baskets typically handwoven.


The flour obtained from organic farming lends itself well to this product, giving it an added value and bringing back the tasting flavors. With this type of cooking the panigacci cooks in minutes at very high temperatures and are perfectly digestible. Consume warm with cold meats and cheeses, or you can reheat in boiling water and dress with meat sauce or pesto.

The origins of the hotel restaurant

The origins of this product are most likely of Roman and the diffusion of a wheat flour polenta cooked in stone along the areas adjacent to the via Francigena. Ushio-name should be to contrast with the typical bread dough that was produced in the middle ages. Note that at one time produced texts as Podenzana with Earth typical of that area.





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