Fisheries sub-

Regulation spearfishing diving

Below is an excerpt of the new Decree 2012, regulating also the spearfishing diving

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Below is an excerpt of the new Decree 2012, It also regulates the underwater fishing in apnea:

Art. 6
Non-professional fishing

1. Non-professional fishing and’ fisheries that exploit living marine aquatic resources for recreational purposes, Tourism, Scientific and sport.
2. Scientific and fishing’ l ’ activities’ directed study purposes, Search, experimentation, exercised by the persons referred to in chapter III of title I of the Decree of the President of the Republic 2 October 1968, n. 1639.
3. Are prohibited, in any form, sale and trade of fishery products not professional.
4. By Decree of the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies, defines the method’ for ’ fishing for recreational purposes, sports and leisure, in order to ensure that it is carried out in a manner compatible with the objectives of the common fisheries policy.
5. Fishing with the Speargun or similar tools and’ allowed only for people over 16 years.

Penalties in case of non-compliance with the above.

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