Eudishow 2014 In apartment’ scuba diving with DAN Europe

Diving safety is the first point on which to base the training courses and all outputs at sea. For this reason All'eudishow 2014 Bologna's safety at sea is a central theme.

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As many people know the Security is an essential element of ’ diving. Unfortunately still too often reads of incidents, or death, borne by divers and free divers and happen to notice sometimes, from simple observers, risky behavior.
This affects negatively all divers and, in particolare, It also works to the detriment of those who, in our industry, espende invests in safety. It follows that a regulation is necessary, given the number of trainee, and especially a non-generic Safety Act, but "addressed" to the practice with everything that goes with it: diving efficient, equipment order, controlled air (especially when it comes to mixtures), professionalism and training of escorts.
In light of the above comes the proposal of this meeting, advanced by Leonardo D'imporzano, that the Dan Europe, always at the forefront of a safe and informed practice of diving, not only has "married" immediately, but that mostly has become spokesman and collector of experiences on a theme always perceived as "prickly" and "controversial" from the diving community. By spending themselves then so that the venue was precisely the Eudi Show, increasingly capable dicatalizzare the audience of fans of the underwater world in all facets that characterizes it and ideal stage to interact and exchange views with ampiorespiro.





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