Eudishow 2014 and diving in 360°

The FIAS Federazione Italiana Attività Subacquee awaits all lovers of diving, Diving and sea fishing to EUDI Show Bologna 2014.

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Put together a large pool, in the heart of the largest underwater event 2014, and experienced teaching like FIAS and you'll see some beautiful. This is the summary of the demonstration programme prepared by the Federazione Italiana Attività Subacquee on the occasion of the 22° Eudi Show and to be held Saturday 15 March from 16,30 at 17.30 at the pool of the fair.

The course designed by FIAS offers the full range of his teaching, from sleep apnea to Rebreather, from the ’ recreational diving to the technical. It is a set of activities that really shows how scuba diving 360° and can involve both ISAF all its adherents ranging from fun to commitment in civil protection, to demonstrate how a teaching can go far beyond the simple teaching the techniques of diving, but it can be at the same time a school of life and commitment to the company.
The manifestation of FIAS 16 March will be initiated by free divers with monofin, Te stimonial a booming sector of diving that FIAS is living with great enthusiasm. They will be two junior sub, the first to wear the equipment ARA, testifying that love of the underwater world begins at an early age! The program will continue with sidemount, a different way of wearing air tanks that is attracting more and more technical and recreational divers. It is the sign that go under water ’ evolves and this evolution is certainly part technical diving: a pink quota of tek-diver with bibo, mixtures, dry suits and face driver sub there will begin to deep dive. Then it will be the turn of Rebreather, the future today, to experience "the silent world".
We will conclude with the O.S.P.C.: Civil Guard divers reflecting the growing commitment of FIAS in this area.
As you can easily infer from this program will be a ’ now to live intensely and that, for sure, will leave its mark on all divers who want to participate to identify with these performances or find inspiration to deepen their knowledge. In any case, the proposal is really tasty and not to be missed.






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