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August holidays 2017 low cost : 5 outdoor resorts economics from the mountain to the sea

August Holidays 2017 between the Gargano and the quiet foothills of Friuli, until you get to the beauty of the Lattari Mountains: Here's 5 Economic and beautiful destinations for a vacation in August

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You will go on vacation during the month of August, that is usually the most expensive time to go on vacation in summer ? We suggest some places where to save money without giving up the fun and sport. We have selected for you cinque mete in Italia of interest to a cheap vacation without large disclaimers.


1. Foothills of Friuli. Resia, For example,, is a small town in the province of Udine immersed in the tranquility of the Park foothills of Friuli : the ideal destination for those who want to have contact with nature. Within walking distance you will find Caporetto, Slovenian town famous for the battle that took place during World War I. Location great for mountain biking.

2. In the peace ofAretino. Tuscany, with its verdant expanses and tasty dishes has many locations, among the most fascinating destinations deserves mention Camaldoli, charming town immersed in the forest, It owes its fame to the community of Benedictine monks.

3. The Monti Lattari, in Salerno, are ideal for those who love hiking trekking and trail running. Among the most beautiful places to visit we recommend the magic village Fury, suspended between sea and mountains.

4. Gargano. You don't want to give up the sea? The Gargano promontory, in Puglia is just perfect for trekking and running between the Umbra Forest and the trails of ’ hinterland and sea for spearfishing and sailing : between events and fish dinners at affordable prices, you will not be disappointed !

5. Salento. Why not reach Apulia ? Rather than choosing the most popular tourist destinations, you could choose Lecce: on the outskirts of the city are still economic solutions. Excellent possibilities for all sports d sub ’ water including fishing early in the morning.







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