MTB Guide – Headset

The headset allows the fork steerer tube to rotate in the frame head tube with a minimum of fuss, and this is made possible thanks to the help of balls, Cup & cone bearings. Normally the headset is located partly between the Crown and the seat frame tube, in part between the latter and the stem.

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You can act on immediately below the lock nut and washers and shims, and the optimum recording controls by checking the game movement in this case must be completely absent. Pulling the lever which acts on front brakes, do I lock the front wheel and pushing with the arms alternately the bike forward and back. If you feel the game as small movement of the seat tube tighten slightly the cover until the game, then, keeping it with the key, tighten the lock nut.

Another way to experience any ’ game l is to put the hand on the headset into contact of the Crown, holding together with your fingers the head set and the part just below that is the ’ fork steerer tube attack. If you notice that when you register first control the headset doesn't have game, slightly unscrew the CAP and recheck: Remember that you should always seek the best compromise between game and smoothness. Mindful that in the presence of suspension forks you may be deceived by fork game between stems and sheaths. Frequent lubrication of bearings or bearings and periodic cleaning with degreaser is exceptionally dusty or muddy conditions d ’ obligation: It is sufficient to, After removing the stem sleeve ’ l, remove the lorcella from the head tube and all parties will be at your fingertips

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Headset A-head set

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Unscrew the screws fastening the fork steerer tube stem 1 ’, and be sure that 1 ’ attack can move easily on the tube. The adjusting screw is the one that locks the cap of ’ stem

Unscrew completely and remove the CAP, to check that the stem is cut the right length and that the cap of ’ attack does not touch the edge of the tube when it is mounted, thus making it impossible to pull Cap ’ ’ l l lowering of the attack on the cover of the headset and tighten the movement. If there is ’ game, screw the adjusting screw (proceed by screwing always little by little, about 1/8 turn), tighten l ’ stem over the steerer tube and push back and forth the bicycle blocking front wheel with brakes. Another way to alert 1 ’ any game is to place your hand on the side of the headset into contact of the Crown, holding together with your fingers the head set and the part just below which is 1 ’ post attack on fork. If usual at first controlling haven't heard games, make sure that recording is the best possible trying to unscrew the screw and pulling every time on the handlebars to make sure that the ’ attack both rose slightly loosening the CAP, then tighten l ’ attack and controlled the game.


Most bottom bracket MTB Shimano cartridge are mounted on, sealed and unchangeable, therefore do not require any maintenance. If you were in my hands an adjustable movement know that c is ’ to adjust the play by acting on the cover of the movement and tightening the locknut to adjust over (often, by tightening the nut which acts as a locknut, the boost that this exerts on the cover loosens the recording, so take this into account while recording the cover).

For the pedals the speech is similar, except that some have l ’ axis can be disassembled for cleaning and lubrication, but then do not allow the registration of the game, others include the registration (refer to the instructions or try to figure it out on your own if you can tighten the cones or similar). Generally, for disassembly is necessary to remove a cap on the outside of the pedal, then loosen a nut that is all’ the headquarters of ’ shaft and screwed up this ’ last, so it should be possible to remove the ’ axis to perform the necessary maintenance.





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