MTB Guide – The wheels, How do the centering, even without wheel Truing stand.

Horizontal centering is to strive for more or less the spokes of the wheel through the nipples to make the braking surface always equidistant from inline skates during wheel rotation. Vertical centering is in acting on rays through the nipples to make saw without cover, the circle is actually that (that is, a perfect circle) and that they have not made use of elliptical bumps and exasperated or worse, penalizing the smoothness of the wheel.

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The camber is finally in the Center the circle on the hub. Screw a nipple with a spoke wrench means loosen the beam connected to that nipple. To Center a wheel you have to remove the cover and mount it on a fork breakfast that with suitable references furniture allows you to check its status. In the absence of ’ special reference can stay on the front fork fork or on the rear stays with scotch and the like. First of all check that the surface of the rim is not drafted because this could distort the recordings.

Horizontal centering

The plan identified by nipples must be orthogonal to all ’ the hub axle. Place a reference almost touching the rim braking surface (brake pads, nails fixed with scotch tape…), you put in the rotation wheel and you look quickly turn to get a ’ idea of fixes to run.

Then you put the reference in contact with the rim and slowly turn the wheel: where the reference tap, will dismissed the circle. Unscrew a quarter turn the nipples connecting those rays which attach to the flange in the direction that must be moved on a circle, by screwing the same entity two contiguous rays to balance tensions.

If the move is long, We proceed with the undo and l ’ loosen alternately the rays. When it seems to us that the scrap circle side during its rotation is contained (within the 0.5 mm), We may feel l ’ transaction concluded.

Vertical centering

The curve connecting nipples must be a circle with Center l ’ the hub axle. In this case, Unlike before, It is absolutely necessary to remove the cover from the circle, then there is a reference to touch the edges of the circle and slowly turn the wheel to see the points on which to Center.

When she finds one, longer or shorter, pull themselves indiscriminately all rays which affect that point by unscrewing the nipple to bring the hoop to the hub.

Same speech above for tolerances.

A trick to speed up time is to correct the rim fewer aberrations, i.e. If you place the reference circle contact I see that the entire surface of the circle touches him, I'll try to distancing the reference or fix it by ’ the other side of the circle to correct less waste.

Sometimes it happens that during a race or a workout breaks a ray: in the race do leave all com ’ is and continue if the circle does not touch too much on shoe brake, While in training, If you are a spoke wrench, You can balance 1 ’ absence of the RADIUS by changing the tension of the spokes beside it and refocus the wheel as described above, having broken radius 1 ’ foresight to bend around that more’ close to prevent jamming elsewhere.


The plan identified by nipples must pass through the midpoint of the hub axle ’. This allows you to balance the spoke tension on both sides of the hub to stiffen the wheel and provide extra strength and tightness of centering. You have to compare the distances from side as references for horizontal centering of the two sides of the rim mounting the wheel in two ways, and reduce these two distances all ’ equality, moving around the circle to one side or the other from ’ screwing and unscrewing alternately appropriate rays according to the procedure outlined for horizontal centering.







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