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Dolomiti lagorai mtb challenge 2017, objective adventure

Dolomiti lagorai mtb challenge 2017 : STAGES SPECTACULAR "SHROUDED in MYSTERY" 2° Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge from 16 to the 18 June Fallbrook (TN) From a minimum of 75 to a maximum of 125 km and height difference from 2000 a 3500 Mt daily peaks and spectacular scenery in paradises that will elevate the bike very bed including Inscriptions

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The target you set itself the second edition of Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge, from 16 to the 18 June in Trentino, is only one: the adventure. The details of the routes in the three days of competition will be revealed only ten days before with the delivery of gps, Meanwhile, the stages approach to competition from Valsugana on fat tires with Fulcrum Fallbrook (TN) will be "shrouded in mystery", to give a touch of pathos which is good, as pointed out by the GS Lagorai Bike. What is certain, are the meters and the total mileage account, "revealed" by the President of the Organizing Committee Henry of Abdullah to give some certainty to the competitors of Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge, eager to know how to develop the competition. Well, the meters will be by 2000 AI 3500 meters per day, and the mileage from a minimum of 75 km to a maximum of 125 km per day.

The the first leg of the race in pairs (masculine, female or mixed) will start and finish at Roncegno, to discover beautiful places such as low and high Valsugana, the Panarotta and the Valle dei Mocheni, the community began to settle here permanently in 1400, mostly German settlers from Bavaria and Bohemia. They occupied themselves mainly by agriculture, wooded and pastoral care, passing as a result of the exploitation of the rich deposits of iron, copper and silver. Over the centuries the mines ran out and people went back to primitives activities, — Agriculture, breeding, hunting and fishing. The peculiar characteristic of this population is however self-sufficiency, promoting the conservation of the uses, Customs and language. The alta Valsugana is rich in historical and natural elements and is also present on mineral Park that is meant to accompany the visitor among the testimonies of mining activity that puts in contact the nature of the territory to "underground worlds".

The the second stage will cross Valsugana, Primiero valley, Passo del Brocon and Step Five Crosses, a mountain pass South of the Lagorai chain, crossroads of alpine valleys dotted with limpid water and nothing short of fascinating landscapes, mostly dirt road and closed to traffic on both sides, passable only on foot or by bicycle, as well as the highest point of Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge. The event will revolve therefore around the chain of Lagorai, among the top of Lagorai, top of Stellune and cima Cauriol, part of the natural park of Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino "look" on the one hand to the other to Valsugana and Val di Fiemme.


The third day Instead, all "made in Valsugana”, in the shadow of the Rock massif Broken, between Val Calamento, a stretch of the Musiera plateau and the lower part of the Tesino, South side of the Lagorai valsuganotto.

Indicate the mileage would much of adventure, as well as the altitude that would indicate the difficulty of the routes, It only remains to "trust" the GS Lagorai Bike typing on Google the tops and places mentioned, seeing as the first images that will remove all doubt; "fugato" than investments of Tuscan and Lazio bikers, who have already given their adherence, While for all other registrations are at odds 290 by 15 may, inclusive of bed, dinner and breakfast, and in 160 euro without accommodation within a specified time.





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