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MTB Downhill in Val di Sole, in Cogolo di Peio the “Winter DH”


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The spectacular downhill on the snow lands in Val di Sole: Sunday 9 March will take place in Cogolo di Peio in the locality of snow white "Winter DH", singles night race mountain bike, specialty downhill

(breathtaking time travel on slopes and slopes equipped with ramps to the spectacular jumps of bikers). The new event, designed by the Organizing Committee major events Val di Sole, ensures not only gritty sports competitions but also funny light hearted, expecting two rounds in time on the ski slope “Snow White” in the Stelvio national joke, prepared and specially made with lean, parabolic curves and humps. Athletes-bikers will have to juggle their means, No studded tires, respecting the reference points (giant slalom gates) until the arrival, After a technical track of 400 meters long and 90 vertical metres. Starting from 17.30 free practice, the first race is scheduled at 20.15. Following awards and Bike Party in the nearby Virgin Disco Pub.

It is the first time that such an event takes place in winter, on the snow, in Val di Sole, among the most famous locations in the world for downhill: definitely the most adrenaline-fueled mountain bike disciplines, that normally takes place in late spring and summer on grassy paths, Rocky and particularly inaccessible forest. Non a caso il rinnovato e famosissimo percorso solandro per la coinvolgente discesa in mtb, situated in Commezzadura Daolasa, It is known worldwide as "snake pit” (mouth of the serpents); il difficile percorso è ben collaudato da più di 10 years and the major competitions were: 2 Italian Championships, 2 European Championships Elite and 3 European Veteran Championships, In addition to other prestigious International tests, including the World Championships 2008 and the world cups of the past 4 age. In June near the daredevil acrobats of fat tires will compete in a competition of the prestigious precisely Daolasa IXS Downhill Cup, the European Cup Downhill: in practice the most important international circuit of the spectacular try after the World Cup and divided into eight tests spread across Slovenia, Austria, France, Czech Republic and Switzerland. And now, with the exciting evening event Cogolo di Peio, too downhill on snow!

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