Mountain Bike DownHill

Mountain Bike Specialized StumpJumper

For all speed lovers and fans of cross country Specialized hardtail bike light and fast proposes a

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This Mountain Bike Specialized is suitable for those in search of pure speed, cross country enthusiasts want a fast lightweight hardtail bicycle, with the most advanced technological features – World Cup or local paths, These rider doesn't accept no compromises in terms of weight, efficiency, agility or ride quality.

M5 CHASSIS Features Detail:

New M5 alloy frame, light and stiff; shaped seatstays, competitive XC geometry, tapered head tube, PF30 bottom bracket.

To provide an optimal ratio of stiffness/weight without compromising vertical vibration absorption in ’ l. The result is a very efficient and precise frame.

Through optimal pipe shapes you get ’ hydroforming in relation to each other. The geometry- tapered head tube, movement PF30 and chainstay “Corti”-provide unparalleled handling and Acceleration. The shaped seatstays and seatpost from 27.2 mm increases the absorption in the vertical plane.

FACT IS FRAME Features Detail:

Ultralight FACT IS carbon fiber frame with shaped seatstays, competitive XC geometry and small diameter seat post.

To reduce weight: the frame from 29 "despite being very light, does not affect the rigidity or absorption in the vertical plane. The result is a bike faster, comfortable with a perfect control on rough terrain.

The FACT IS you can create complex shapes in lightweight carbon fibre, Optimizing the stiffness and comfort. The geometry, including the tapered head tube and chainstay length restrained provide unparalleled handling and acceleration and instant responsiveness. The contoured seat with the seatpost from 27.2 mm increases the absorption in the vertical plane.

Detail Features FORK:

Rock Shox dedicated with Brain (S-Works models and Expert) with 90 mm and dropouts compatible with our oversized jokes 28.

For high efficiency uphill and unprecedented saddle acceleration, retaining fluid and active front suspension when they meet obstacles.

Brain technology used on the fork is able to ' evaluate ' instantly a difference between forces due to the action of pedaling and those due to the contour of the terrain. The inertia valve affects the oil flow to adjust the behavior of the suspension. If the athlete gets up to speed, the fork immediately "stiff" eliminating sway. When you hover over an obstacle the fork is activated immediately. The jokes make considerably stiffer front end hub OS28 thus improving steering precision.

Detail Features WHEELS:

Roval Control SL 29″ carbon fiber rims (Model S-Works SJ HT Carbon 29″ or aftermarket).

Reduce weight, increasing rigidity and strength, In addition to absorb impacts better than traditional wheels.

Ultralight carbon fibre rims from 29″ are wider to accommodate high-volume tyres. The carbon rims are tougher and more rigid than in League, remain centered longer and absorb the impacts.





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