Ortler Bike Maraton 2017

SHOW IN VAL VENOSTA (BZ) With 3 ᵃ EDITION Ortler Bike Marathon on 3 June in Val Venosta (BZ) The medieval town of Glurns departure and arrival Paths classic Theatre 51 km e marathon di 90 km Roel Paulissen ancora alla imbattuto Ortler Bike Marathon

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That of Ortler Bike Marathon is a "fairytale", a fairy tale, game on the backburner three years ago with a first edition that was hope all fans of fat tires, and now revealed as one of the pleasant discoveries competitive boot riding mountain bikes.

Registration for the upcoming Ortler Bike Marathon, scheduled for 3 June in the medieval town of Glurns (BZ), proceed at full speed, the President of the Organizing Committee Gerald Burger says he is excited about the "growth" of the event, which from year to year increases in subscribers and consideration. Are exceeded 650 participants, a considerable number from last year if you think that it is more than 100 days per race, precisely 113. The new registration system is fast and functional, and the bikers can now "see" on the website Thanks also to the prestigious circuits whose Ortler Bike Marathon is part, as the German-Austrian challenge "Ritchey Mountainbike Challenge”, the "Bikeworld Zerowind Cup”, a series involving the most important manifestations of Veneto and Trentino-South Tyrol, and "The Prestige”, which contains within it the evidence that have made and continue to make the history of amateur, increasingly overtaken by.

The Ortler Bike Marathon exist three different races depending on the level of preparation of atletthe, cyclists "in all respects", or those who have a licence and valid medical certificate, the "Hobby" unlicensed non-competitive but with valid medical certificate, and ecological riding "Just for Fun", without license and without a medical certificate for e-bike and who do not want to commit that much, enjoying the spectacular landscapes of alta Val Venosta (BZ), with the fee fixed at 65 euro to weld no later than 31 March.


The "outline" of the race is one of the most spectacular mountain bikers nostrana, among medieval villages and castles, immersed in greenery and surrounded by mountains, historical abbeys and the Ortler Bike Marathon literally "crosses". Two routes of the competition, a classic of 51 km in length and 1600 vertical metres and a marathon of 90 km and 3000 vertical metres, both with departure and arrival in Glorenza (BZ), characteristic village but so small that among the villagers there said: "Our town is so small that we have to go to mass outside the walls". Currently, the challenge that records more investments is the competitive marathon route, followed by the marathon "Hobbies" and classic "Hobbies", then everyone else who still skim the 100 members each.
The man to beat in the Ortler Bike Marathon is none other than the Italian the world marathon Roel Paulissen, which each year occurs in Vinschgau to speak his mind and give a hard time to all other agonists, not yet managed to defeat the ' power ' overflowing on two wheels of the Belgian. Other ' aficionados ' of the Ortler Bike Marathon are the Lithuanian Kataržina and Alto Adige Hannes Pallhuber Sosna, bikers always able to "raising the bar" the competitive challenge, making it exciting for those who assist.





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