Chestnut trees at risk

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Chestnut trees of our country are in danger from a small ethnic Chinese WaSP big like a gnat ;It seems to have arrived in Italy via little plants cultivated for chestnut woodland restocking.

And’ the Wasp Cinepide also known as Cinepide del castagno which causes damage to one of the old trees typical of our country causing the decay. This pest lays its eggs on leaves and shoots of the plant where they will grow after the larvae.

Sviluppied effects

The disease is evident as you can see on the plants of reddish green swellings called galls on the leaves, on the buds and on the buds.

In detail it is cellular growths (rounded bulges)caused by excessive proliferation of plant cells, that remain on the plant by blocking the development of chestnut.

The plant comes into being suffering and reduces its productivity, in the young plants the cinepide causes death.

And’ evident how this riperquota over on ’ general appearance of our forests on the national production of wood and chestnuts.

There are effective treatment options for the moment with pesticides and then l ’ only solution is to cut the branches affected and burn them.

Remember that you must control their own plants and communicate possible contagion to non l ’ REGON incur penalties.





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