Track Score, Ski in Cervinia

The track score of Cervinia can without question be considered one of the most beautiful slopes of the Italian alpine panorama.

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About 7,5 Km with departure in high mountains 3450 meters on Plateau Rosa arrives in the country of Cervinia a 2050 meters.

The track is challenging and suitable for experienced skiers, right away you are on a wall that spins at S, thereupon a plateau leads to the junction to Valtournenche.

The path continues with elevation changes and walls that curve to the left and right. The central part of the track is not particularly challenging, with walls not to hard and apparently flat parts.
At the end there is a steep wall where the snow is often hard or icy conditions. The wall is not too long but it's quite challenging.

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The track as a whole is very long, and on the way down you may want to redo some using the segiove you meet along the way.

The view is always unique thanks to the Monte Cervino on the right; It is not uncommon especially with bad weather conditions, avvistre Ibex sales down.





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