Winter sports : gli aggiornamenti per il weekend.

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Bottom, Eleven Blues engaged in Kuusamo. Di Centa: “Important step for growing condition”

Continues to remain around -15° the temperature in Kuusamo, where is staged over the weekend the second stage of World Cup cross country skiing. As customary in recent seasons, the International Federation has predicted the Finnish track a minitour of three stages: It begins Friday 30 November with a sprint, followed on Saturday by a 10 km men's fashion breathable and a 5 women's freestyle, closing Sunday with a 10 km ladies and a 15 km classic men's. Eleven Italian representatives joined: Giorgio Di Centa, Roland Clara, Valerio Checchi, David Hofer, Thomas Moriggl, Fabio Pasini and Dietmar Noeckler among men, Virginia De Martin Topranin, Debora Agreiter, Veronica Cavallar and Marina Piller among women.

And it is Captain Di Centa to sound the charge for comrades: “We saw last week in Gallivare that our opponents have left a thousand but we must not create complex – tells the Torino Olympic champion 2006 -. Our preparation aims to reach top form for the World Championships in Val di Fiemme, so we have to train ourselves with serenity and believe in the work that we are doing with the technicians. Here in Kuusamo probably will suffer a little longer, especially l ’ last day in the hamlet in classic, but things will get better next trip to Canada because our group really can do important things. Personally I have two goals for this season: be a leader in the Tour de Ski that I care a lot and then focus on 50 km of World Championships”.

The General conditions of the team are good: Debora Agreiter recovered from ’ infection in hand, Veronica Cavallar and Marina Piller overcame the slight fever of bygone days.

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Sci alpino, five slalom team in Madesimo. Of God: “We finish the final details for Val d ' Isère ’”


Waiting to compete in the second slalom World Cup seasonal expected in Val d Isere ’ on Sunday 9 December and confirmed by the International Federation after the usual snow control made ten days before the races, the specialists of narrow poles are hard at work on the runway Vanoni in Madesimo with Patrick Thaler, Stefano Gross, Cristian Deville, Giuliano Razzoli and Amanda Talbot until Sunday 2 December to prepare for an intense period of races that will culminate with the World Cup in Schladming.

The abundant snowfall in the last days have forced technicians Simone Of God and Angelo Weiss Theolier Jacqeus orphans (busy Beaver Creek with gigantisti) an additional cleaning job of training track. “The slope of this circuit has characteristics similar to that of Val d ' Isère and ’ will allow us to make even the last dot details – God explains -. In the early days of next week we will make a few more tests before leaving for France”.


European Cup men, Paddy fourth in the Super g to Reiteralm

Race with two faces for the blue team in the men's Super-g Alpine skiing European Cup commencing on the Reiteralm and drawn by Italian team leader Alessandro Serra. After ’ arrival of the first thirty contestants the standings saw Paolo Pangrazzi per second and Andy Plank in third place. A ’ interruption, due to a fall that lasted for over 20 minutes, He however changed track conditions, because the temperatures suddenly dropped and the cold has sped up the floor, This way you are placed of many outsiders the best of them, l Austrian Clemmens ’ Dorner, rose even at the top. Eventually Paddy has finished fourth, While Plank is finished sixth and Silvano Varettoni 17th.

Greenhouse shows however satisfied: “We approached the race with the right determination, the guys were determined and aggressive as required this type of track. Now the sprinters off the plug and we focus on the slalom team, the next event is scheduled in Obereggen the 12 December and the next day in Sydney, We will try to find us ready”.


Order ’ arrival men's SG Reiteralm (Aut):
1 DORNER Clemens 1991 AUT 1:12,08
2 RENZ Fabio 1992 PROVIDES 1:12,15
3 KRIECHMAYR Vincent 1991 AUT 1:12,50
4 PADDY Paul 1988 ITA 1:12,79
5 KRAMER Manuel 1989 AUT 1:12,81
6 Andy PLANK 1989 ITA 1:12,89
7 HANDS Nils 1992 ABOUT 1:12,92
8 Patrick SCHWEIGER 1990 AUT 1:12,93
9 DRESSEN Thomas 1993 PROVIDES 1:12,96
10 Maxence MUZATON 1990 BETWEEN 1:12,97
11 KOECK Niklas 1992 AUT 1:13,00
11 KILDE Aleksander Aamodt 1992 NOR 1:13,00
13 Place Francois 1989 BETWEEN 1:13,02
14 BJERTNESS Endre 1992 NOR 1:13,03
14 ERICSSON Daniel 1987 SWE 1:13,03

17 Silvano VARETTONI 1984 ITA 1:13,10
24 BOSCA Julius 1990 ITA 1:13,56
28 Hagen PATSCHEIDER 1988 ITA 1:13,81
39 BUZZI Emanuele 1994 ITA 1:14,18
45 DE Matteo VECTORS 1993 ITA 1:14,44
48 HOFER Aaron 1992 ITA 1:14,64
51 CORTELLA Michele 1987 ITA 1:14,90
53 TAHERI Michelangelo 1991 ITA 1:15,13
62 BATTILANI Henri 1994 ITA 1:15,63

Group “FuturFisi” protagonist: Fiorano Fis giant second in Zinal


The project “FuturFisi” Fis races again beginning seasons on the European mountains. After the beautiful successes of Stefano Baruffaldi from last week, is Sara Fatima to rise to prominence in the news thanks to his second place finish in the women's giant Zinal. On track Switzerland, the 17-year-old from Val d'Aosta Ski Club Chamolè was ranked behind the hostess Tania Vouilloz with a gap of 38 cents.

Croatian Sasa Trsinski third in 1″26, well behaved other azure inscribed: Valentina Cero (class 1994) He collected a fifth place, Sixth instead Lisa Pfeifer (class 1993). Friday 30 November the program provides another giant, which will be held on the same track.

Order ’ arrival GS FIS female Zinal (SVI):
1 VOUILLOZ Tania 1993 ABOUT 1:19.57 1:22.15 2:41.72
2 FIORANO Jasmine 1995 ITA 1:19.09 1:23.01 2:42.10
3 Sasa TRSINSKI 1996 CRO 1:21.08 1:21.90 2:42.98
4 JELINKOVA Adriana 1995 NED 1:21.12 1:21.94 2:43.06
5 CERO Valentina 1994 ITA 1:20.25 1:22.83 2:43.08
6 PFEIFER Lisa 1993 ITA 1:20.47 1:22.77 2:43.24
7 RUDAZ Elodie 1994 ABOUT 1:21.46 1:21.81 2:43.27
8 GAUTHIER Tiffany 1993 BETWEEN 1:18.99 1:24.33 2:43.32
9 DAYER Julie 1995 ABOUT 1:20.34 1:23.08 2:43.42
10 ALTHERR Therese 1996 ABOUT 1:21.54 1:22.41 2:43.95





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