Livigno : Sgambeda 2012 ready to go

Sgambeda 2012 Livigno : All set for the first international granfondo of the season. 42 km (22,5 km for the short path) starting and finishing at the Bottom. At the blue Fabio Santus, winner of the last edition. 21.000 Euro prize money, distributed among the top six at the finish.

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Getting ready to LIVIGNO for Sgambeda, International Nordic Ski Marathon Fis Marathon Cup in the circuit Euroleppet.

The events scheduled are four, from 12 to the 16 December, According to this program:

Wednesday 12 December

Hours 13.30 Start La Sgambeda Short Race – Ski Stadium

Following awards – Ski Stadium

Friday 14 December

Hours 11.00 Start La Sgambeda Classic – Ski Stadium

From 12.30 – 14. 30 pasta party – Plaza Placheda

Hours 14. 30 Awards La Sgambeda Classic

Saturday 15 December

Hours 13.30 Start MiniSgambeda – Ski Stadium

Hours 16.00 opening session de La Sgambeda and awards MiniSgambeda – Plaza Placheda

Sunday 16 December

Hours 11.00 Start La Sgambeda – Ski Stadium

From 12.30 at 15.00 Pasta Party – Plaza Placheda

Hours 15.00 Awards La Sgambeda

La Sgambeda has a length a total of 42 km departing at launch; the intermediate goal is to 22,5 km at the ski Stadium.

The race starts in the plain of ’ island at the ski Stadium and immediately faces a slight climb before easing towards the area of San Rocco. The route runs along the river Spöl going up all over the country (Florin, Pont Lonc, Li Mina, Tresenda until it reaches the point limit in località Campaciol (km 12,5 Hotel Forcola) back on track Stafio upstream until the Fund (km 22,5) where is the intermediate goal for those who choose the short path. Others will have as a goal the 42 km, continuing the race along the same route.

Among the athletes in confirmed presence of Team of yellow flame with the way these athletes:

12 December Short Race present: Cristian Zorzi, Loris frasnelli of team A, Top Francesca B team, Raina Mario and Vab Peter.

14 December Classic Technique present: Loris Frasnelli, Gullo Giovanni, Raina Mario, Valorz Peter.

16 December La Sgambeda present: Cristian Zorzi, Loris Frasnelli, Thomas Moriggl, Top Francesca, Raina Mario, Valorz Peter.

Also confirmed the Italian national long distance Blues: Fabio Santus (already winner of ’ Edition 2010), Sergio Bonaldi, Florian Kostner, Antonella Confortola, Stephanie Santer.

Among the foreigners: Martin Koukal (CZE), Stanislav Rezac (CZE), Marco Muhlematter (ABOUT), Martin Baicicak (SVK), Markus Ottoson (SWE), Lars Suther (SWE), Toni Escher (PROVIDES), Lukas Weitgasser (AUT), Rita Liisa Roponen (FIN).

For La Sgambeda 2012 is active on new custom SMS service that allows in real time your result by registering at the link

Other important news: the facebook page was moved to main page LIVIGNO and accessible at the link:

All the latest news and information about the race you will find immediately, both on Facebook and on the official website

The prize pool de La Sgambeda is 21.000 Euro divided between the first 6 of every male and female categories, FIS Marathon Cup rules. The winner and the winner must be 5.000 euro.

The first athlete from Valtellina is assigned the Fatimah Trophy.

Special prizes for the Pioneers with the Trophy Paulo Davidthe first place male and female.

For the Over 50 Trophy Enzo Salvadori the male and female primoclassificato.

All ’ in Plaza Placheda Wednesday through Sunday is open l ’ Expo Area with the booths of partners de La Sgambeda including dairy of Livigno, Credito Valtellinese, Vis, Nera, Alexander.

Technical companies that support the event, Briko, Maplus (Ski waxing service officer), Ski Trab, Guzzi Sport, Kuzmin, LEKI are also present in the ’ area of arrival and departure of the race.

One of the sponsors of which participants will receive the products there are Barilla, Levissima, Cooperativa di Livigno, The Genuine, ICAM.

Present at La Sgambeda Euroloppet circuits partners and top news.





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