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“The Great Mountaineering” with la Gazzetta dello Sport

All the best mountaineering in a Pearl Necklace 14 DVD with movies and documentaries (much unpublished material) on the big Mountaineering published by Gazzetta dello Sport; on newsstands 3 may 2012.

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On newsstands 3 di maggio 2012 a Pearl Necklace 14 DVD with the best movies and documentaries (much unpublished material) on the big mountain climbing.

The great mountaineering, move from the screens of the TrentoFilmFestival a statement necklace of the Gazzetta dello Sport published on newsstands. L ’ opera opens from Nanga Parbat, film awarded at the 58th Trento Film Festival awards from both the press and the public Emmer.

L ’ 's company in June 1970, When the brothers Messner reached the Summit of Nanga Parbat, After a grueling ascent of Rupal. Forty years later, the film recounts the highlights of that event, where the young Günther Messner died.

The great Mountaineering collected on DVD

The 14 DVD collect climbing toward the highest peaks in the world and the legendary climbing walls. From Nanga Parbat precisely, businesses on K2, of Messner a Simone Moro, of Alex Honnold a Chris Sharma. An exciting journey between the myths of mountaineering and climbing with unpublished titles and restored versions.

Here are some exciting DVD titles offered:

"Death suspended", "North Face – a true story", "Wind Tower – world premiere of a Summit impossible", "Beyond the summit", "Asgard Project", "Cold", "Solid line", "Big Stone", "King lines", "Alone on the wall", "Sea to summit Everest" and many others.

I still remember the first dvd Nanga Parbat on newsstands 3 May to 10,99 euro, beyond the price of the newspaper.





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