KILLER BACTERIUM : origin and effects

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The killer bacterium of concern throughout Europe, were cleared cucumbers as carriers of the bacteria and so far, no one knows where it came from.

Many European countries report cases of contamination with the bacteria Ehec. L ’ epidemic has caused to date 22 dead.

Causes for ’ man

The effects on the human kidney diseases are ’ and bleeding of the digestive system, In addition 2500 people have been affected by this epidemic in 13 European countries.

In Italy were seized in advance 7 bushels of cucumbers innocent results.
The Russia has blocked l ’ the importation of fruit and vegetables coming from European countries

The damage to fruit and vegetable production is from elevatisimo and the figure allocated ’ unsold EU to face l emergency ’ (150 millions of euro) seems insufficient.

Currently sottoaccusa is the production of bean sprouts that would be the source of the bacteria-killer. It seems, however, that the ’ company under control does not use animal manure
that might have caused the proliferation of the bacterium.

In a nutshell you haven't defined l ’ origin of the bacterium, its proliferation and unfortunately not even care.







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