Nortec Winter Trail 2017 : Everything c ’ you need to know…

The Winter Trail is a specialty of the foot race which takes place in the wild, usually on mountain trails or on snowy or icy pistes with paved or asphalted fabric limited which maximally and in any case should not exceed the 70% of the total length of the route.

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Nortec Sport GmbH is a leading manufacturer of micro running spikes, Hiking & outdoors. NORTEC promotes the formation of a circuit of WINTER TRAIL with the goal, shared with the organizers of individual races, to promote the practice of this sport and make it grow as agnostic and promotional activities, with rules, common or similar Customs and practices. NORTEC's goal is to promote the use of micro rampone in the practice of this sport to help the athletic movement, to improve performance and to ensure adequate conditions of safety.

The circuit has the following organs:

The Steering Committee: composed of one representative appointed by NORTEC Sport and one representative of each individual grippy race;

Athletes Committee: composed of three athletes appointed by the Steering Committee.
The organs of the circuit will be appointed within the 30 by November of each year and shall hold office for a

whole year.

The objective of the two committees is to coordinate the circuit and to contribute to the promotion of the same and single races, ensuring the smooth running of the circuit itself.


The Winter Trail is a specialty of the foot race which takes place in the wild, usually on mountain trails or on snowy or icy pistes with paved or asphalted fabric limited which maximally and in any case should not exceed the 70% of the total length of the route.


1. 05.02.17 – Snow Trail race – Montgenèvre (France);
2. 05.03.17 – Dolomiti Winter Trail – Lavarone (TN);
3. 12.03.17 – Saint Catherine Winter Trail – Santa Caterina Valfurva (I KNOW); 4. 18.03.17 – Sunset Running Race – Pratonevoso (CN);
5. 26.03.17 – Tarvisio Winter Trail – Tarvisio (UD) – final 2017.



Nortec Sport GmbH organizes a winter trail racing circuit called "NORTEC winter trail running cup". The official website of the circuit will be hosted on the site, the brand and the name of the circuit are the exclusive property of NORTEC Sport.

Joining the circuit

The circuit adhere a minimum of 5 winter trail races with regulations consistent with that of the circuit. L ́elenco and the participating competition calendar will be announced by 15 December each year.

The goal of the circuit is to bind events will differentiate to spirit, Regulation and common technical characteristics or similar, promoting participation in individual races and winter trail.

Will join the circuit races that take place in Italy and abroad and providing for the membership of the athletes to the FIDAL, to the CIS, UISP or other sport promotion which require the possession of a medical certificate with endorsement by sport athletics / podismo / Trail / cross country skiing / ski touring in good standing with the Federal membership for the year in which takes place the race.

The accession will be formalized in writing and with the same race organizers agree to abide by this regulation.

Nortec Winter Trail

Technical characteristics of the trails
The paths of the competitions members will then have the following technical features:

  • Distanza: between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 km (tolerance of +/- 5%);
  • Altitude difference: with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1200 m D (tolerance of +/- 5%);
  • Path: the path must be characterized by alternation of ups and downs;
  • Innevamento: the route will be developed on a surface covered by snow and ice at least for 70Þllo total development.

Conditions of enrolment and participation in single races

The enrolment terms by athletes participating will include at least the following individual competitions rules:

  • Età minima di 18 years of age by the date of the event;
  • Possesso di regolare certificato medico attestante l’idoneità alla pratica sportiva agonistica rilasciato daun medico sportivo.

    Art. 5 – scores and final standings of the circuit

    For placing in every single race will be awarded the following scores (unique category):

    • Men (up to 30° position): 100-88-78-72-68-65-62-59-56-53-50-47-44-41-38-35-32-29-26-23-20-18- 16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2.In the final race of the circuit points are increased by 20%, as follows: 120-106-94-87-82-78- 75-71-68-64-60-57-53-50-46-42-39-35-32-28-24-22-20-17-15-12-10-8-5-3
    • Women (until the 15th place): 100-88-78-70-62-54-48-42-36-30-24-18-12-6-3.
      In the final race of the circuit points are increased by 20%, as follows:120-106-94-84-75-65-58-51-44-36-29-22-15-8-4

      To join the final classification must have completed at least 3 races on 5. The final score will be calculated on the best 4 results.

      In case of "ex aequo" will be taken into account the number of races held, in case of further tie, will be considered the best scrap, and then will be treated as the summation of the individual races in which competitors have been adversaries.

      Art. 6 – circuit Awards

      Based on the final ranking will be awarded the following prizes:

  • Categoria Assoluta Maschile: 1^ 1000,00 € , 2^ 700,00 €, 3^ 500,00 €, 4^ 300,00 €, 5^ 150,00 €, 6^ 150,00 € 8/7 ^ ^ 50,00 €.
  • Categoria Assoluta Femminile: 1^ 700,00 € , 2^ 500,00 €, 3^ 300,00 €, 4^ 150,00 €, 5^ 100,00 €,

The award ceremony will take place during the final test circuit. Its presence is mandatory for

to be entitled to collect the prize.

Based on the final ranking will be awarded participation to the first gadget 20 men, at first 10 women and all athletes who have completed (or at least will be left) at least 4 of 5 the evidence. Athletes who have completed all tests (or at least will be left) will be rewarded with a "Finisher NORTEC winter trail running cup".

With the ’ inscription at individual races, Athletes shall authorise l ’ organization of the circuit all ’ free use, without territorial limits and time, of still and moving images that portray them on the occasion of the participation in the event.

By joining the circuit, single races organizers are entitled to use the logo of the circuit during the event and to all the initiatives related to the same and industry promotion.

By joining the circuit, single races organizers exempt organization of the circuit from any liability, both civil and criminal matters, for damages to people and/or things by athletes during the course of individual races.





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