Giuliano Cavallo : secrets and strategies

Giulino Horse and its secrets to be at the Top in the race by checking the sustained effort with his watch Suunto, the heart rate monitor etc..

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Who is the Ultra Trail runner Giuliano Cavallo?

"Are the origins of Lucania (Basilicata), precisely di Stigliano, a small proportion 900 Mt in the province of Matera in Valle D Aosta ’ 1995. I attended the College as a boy, at school I played football or running, but as a young man no competition. After graduating I started working, In fact, study didn't really like it, so, a 19 I joined the army. After three years in Viterbo are finished in Pinerolo in Alpine, where I started going to the mountain more concretely. After the incident in Sarajevo in 1997, where I was on a mission of peace, I had a period a little tricky especially of motivation, that lasted about 3 age, due to a series of surgeries I faced a serious problem in the shoulder ".

The first races start with late February, How's your preparation "full throttle"? Did I also work in the gym, And how?

“La mia stagione di solito inizia il giorno dopo che finisce la precedente, I mean never stops… just enough time to relax, with a bit of slowdown in the intensity in training and then we start again at full throttle! I benefit in winter, as at this time, to attend a course in the gym with a personal trainer to optimize the work of force, running technique, postural work the abdominals, etc. For a runner winter is always a delicate period for the preparation, especially in Valle d'Aosta or, tends to be, in mountain areas because of cold or snow. I use a lot the winter months also to perform specific work on speed and on track. Not only. In the early days of the year I enjoy in any country, just to keep the heart in operating capacity and not to lose the habit in wearing a race number. This year, in particolare, the season starts in late February, then very soon, and since usually before an important contest I participate in two or three short term competition definitely calzerò my Salomon for some spin very soon ".


Are you a trail runner "model" for how do you find balance between sport, work and family, What is your secret?

"First of all I think I manifest a passion for what I do. My life next to the family and at work is like a puzzle ... If there's a piece missing son cheated, for this you have to be careful not to lose any of them, and it takes commitment to this. I feel lucky: I have a good wife and a family that gives me stability thanks to my two sons, di 14 and 10 age, also their sports. No particular secret in all of this, but it takes so much organization even in household chores, where, without modesty, I'm doing fine and this allows me to train a few more hours and serenity. When I get a chance I train much, follow a weekly chart is sometimes impossible, but as soon as I can I apply to the bottom. Normally in early spring it is easier to put into practice all of this because I can practice before you take the kids to school and go to work. Ah ... work as a civil servant at the Alpine Training Center, in practice a military school of skiing and Mountaineering ".

During the long hours of competition what's on your mind, How does Giuliano Cavallo to live and support the sustained effort?

"No particular thought I would say ... let's talk about races over to 45/50 km, they are long course, but they do have moments of ' detachment ' as the refreshment, where there's always someone waiting! When parts you already know what you're going to do, nothing you can invent even under the psychological aspect, I like it though so much this sport that suffering takes second place and in the race I just positive thoughts in relation to what I'm doing. Captain, certain, moments of weakness and suffering, but a thought that often comes to mind is: ' are you doing this because you like and you have to get down at least to pay me back the sacrifices '. Everything here ".

Come rumors that there from inside even with cycling and mountaineering is true?

“Lo sport mi è sempre piaciuto e fa parte di me, then I think it's good medicine to feel good about themselves. Nel 2000 I started to ride a bike, few races or next to nothing and until that time on two wheels and the ride was an alternative, then everything changed, the race has taken over. Yesterday I really like the bike and use for muscle work and to regenerate the joints. The mountain I love live it in 360°, so even mountaineering is part of the ' package '. Practical also Alpine skiing, training discipline especially in ascent and in addition to being a nice diversion ".


What are the functions of Suunto Spartan Ultra you appreciate and use most?

"For me the watch is very important and, for that, I enjoy it thoroughly. I have used several models Suunto and I must say that I have always enjoyed by all. In particular Sport Smart Watch Suunto Spartan Ultra It features many functions related to all sports. The ones I use the most are especially targeted for the mtb/road, base running/running and climbing. During training, obviously the Suunto Smart Belt is essential, then I think that the schedule for the planning of training and testing of recovery are the gem of this extraordinary instrument ".

A curiosity assails fans: how much difference per annum has counted your trail running watch Suunto?

"A joke that I like to say ... definitely more of my wife's car! All kidding aside, I don't keep the monthly averages because these are staggered, in the sense that there are months of load, other maintenance and then races. Anyway every year I walk by 7.000 to 8.000 km, with 215.000 mt di dislivello positivo e altrettanto in negativo. But there is not only the race ... 2000 km and 20.000 Mt D bike, about 40 km and 7000 Mt Mountaineering, 150 km and 6000 D Trekking, about 80 km and 10.000 D ski tours, but the real cake is left running to around 4500/5000 km and 170.000 Mt D positive and negative "ditto.






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