Kite Surfing: for some years the most used on the waves

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The “Wind in the hands” is the title of an old film which documented the ’ passion for windsurfing, now the rival of the sport that best interprets the title of this film is kitesurfing. Sport that is spreading very quickly in our country and it is very common to see on the coasts many enthusiasts who use the kite.
We practice with a ’ breakfast table and a kite (sailing) maneuvered through a control bar connected by ropes at surfer.

The wind is critical to this task and ’ ideal for beginners is to have a ’ intensity about 20 nodes, While experts are able to take advantage of winds up to 40 nodes.
Unlike windsurfing, kite surfing you can practice with light winds but obtaining speed and acceleration on the table still very interesting and fun.

Depending on the wind conditions, using different sized kites so flat and make changes on the waves safely.
This sport is considered extreme, both the pitfalls that hides, both the speed and stunts that you can take in water, but also because you need to have decent knowledge in multiple fields.
In fact, it is highly recommended that a minimum course 15 hours that sets the Foundation of theory of flight and knowledge of the winds, Meteorologist on and explanations on the aquatic.

A well structured course should establish the following points:

Theory to play on the ground

theory of flight and knowledge of the winds
use of all safety systems
outline of meteorology
launch and landing

Theory and practice to play in water

self rescue
dell ridecollo ’ ala
body drag upwind

Minimum required equipment :

kite or wing complete with bar and lines (ropes)
safety equipment (protective vest or float, casco, Pocket knife to cut the lines)





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