Tutte le notizie relative all’alpinismo in montagna. Materiali e consigli per Alpinismo. Alpinismo estremo ed alpinismo con istruttori su roccia, ghiaccio e neve.

Outdoor – Video Red Bull : Cerro Torre, è la natura a dettare le regole, impresa di David Lama

Outdoor – Red Bull Video : Cerro Torre, It is nature to dictate the rules, company of David Lama

The tale of the enterprise in Patagonia in 2012 by David Lama, you're booked on 29 April in Trento for a special screening of the film . Programming will follow in all The Space Cinema on 19, 20 and 21 may.

27 April 2014
Ferrino rinforza il reparto atleti con l’esperto di alpinismo Marco Confortola

Ferrino strengthens the Department ’ mountaineering expert athletes with Marco Confortola

Marco Confortola, renowned exponent of Italian mountaineering scene, officially join the team of athletes Ferrino.

12 March 2014
Miglior Scuola di Alpinismo premiata la “Catores” di Ortisei

Best school award “Catores” in Ortisei

Best mountaineering school : Double recognition for the Alpine School Catores

4 March 2014
GORE-TEX® experience Tour 2013 : diventa regista del tuo video Outdoor

GORE-TEX ® experience Tour 2013 : becomes Director of your video Outdoor

Film buffs outdoor and nature documentaries who dream of being able to turn a real films have the unique opportunity to see their dream thanks to Gore. This is the new project "European Outdoor Film School 2013" in the context of GORE-TEX ® Experience Tour 2013

24 March 2013
Google Maps Mountain View ti porta sulle montagne più alte del mondo.

Google Maps Mountain View brings you the world's highest mountains.

Google Maps enriches its photographic archive of mountains with Mountain View : immagini scattate sulla cima dell’Everest e del Kilimangiaro.

24 March 2013
Banff Film Festival – World Tour  fà tappa a Genova e la Sezione Ligure del CAI collabora nell’organizzazione

Banff Film Festival – World Tour makes a stop in Genoa and the Ligurian Section of CAI works in ’ organization

The Italian Edition of the Banff Mountain Film Festival – the Canadian review considered one of the most important global events dedicated to adventure films, mountain climbing and outdoor sports – is an event sponsored by Patagonia, Garmin and CMH Italy in collaboration with La Gazzetta dello Sport, National Geographic, Pointbreak Magazine, Outdoor Magazine, Mountainblog.

22 March 2013
Il Parco del Gran Paradiso  è la meta Italiana più conosciuta per il turismo sostenibile.

The Gran Paradiso Park is the most famous Italian destination for sustainable tourism.

First to be set up in Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park adds another record to his resume, 90 years after birth in fact, It turned out to be the best known of our country.

10 March 2013
Il Club alpino italiano (CAI) rilancia il dialogo con i Parchi

The Italian Alpine Club (CAI) raises the dialogue with parks

The 2013 began with significant changes in the scenario of the relations between Italian Alpine Club “CAI”, Parks and Federparchi.

31 January 2013
Rifugi Alpini : un convegno per definirne Funzione, Architettura ed Ambiente “Rifugi in divenire”

Mountain Refuge : a Conference to define Function, Architecture and environment “Shelters in the making”

Are more than a thousand, Perhaps more than twice the shelters and bivouacs on the Alps: It seems there are no reliable estimates. But what are the mountain refuges? Support points at high altitude for mountaineers, hospitality facilities for tourists in the mountain or visit a few daredevils unattended receiving artifacts climbers in a year? Those who use the shelters? It is better to renovate, or demolish and rebuild the buildings of mountain? How to integrate them into the environment?

31 January 2013
EDELRID festeggia 150 anni di storia e presenta nuovi prodotti a ISPO WINTER 2013

EDELRID celebrates 150 years of history and introduces new products at ISPO WINTER 2013

EDELRID in 2013 a toast to his early 150 years of history. A long entrepreneurial experience that gave birth to innovation and production of technical equipment for mountaineering and outdoor Made in Germany, by tying its name to enterprise and unforgettable mountain stories. EDELRID is distributed in Italy by

30 January 2013
Alpinismo Madonna di Campiglio : Museo delle Guide Alpine e delle genti di Campiglio

Mountaineering Madonna di Campiglio : Mountain guides and Museum delle genti di Campiglio

In front of the Lake of Madonna di Campiglio, which in winter becomes a feature ice skating rink (in the Chalet Pond) was created the Museum of alpine guides and the Gentiles di Campiglio.
The guide is a testament to the memories and goals achieved by the alpine guides of Madonna di Campiglio and surroundings from 1850 to the 1970 about.
In it are collected objects, Tools, Testimonials, photographs of a century of local history.

25 January 2013
A Natale 2013 regalati un Garmin e torna in forma !

At Christmas 2013 In addition to Garmin and back in shape !

Garmin a Christmas gift 2013 You rimettein form : For those who can't do without sport and outdoors, Garmin offers high-tech tools that combine style and design. Original proposals and certainly appreciated for Christmas gifts fitness style & outdoor.

27 November 2012
Salutiamo Patrick Edlinger : scalatore e pioniere del free climbing

We Welcome Patrick Edlinger : climber and pioneer of free climbing

Patrick Edlinger died on 16 November 2012 : We salute a climber ritzy, pioneer of free climbing

20 November 2012
Jeep Sponsor del tour europeo The North Face Speaker series

Jeep Sponsor of the European tour The North Face Speaker series

Was held in Milan the first stage of the tour with four-time conqueror of Everest Simone Moro, alongside The North Face ® team there will be Jeep Wrangler, l’inarrestabile 4×4 icona del marchio.

8 November 2012