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Orizzonti Verticali : negozio di Alpinismo a Torino

Vertical Horizons : mountaineering shop in Turin

Vertical horizons, negozio online di torino distinto dalla passione e dall’esperienza accumulata nell’alpinismo ed in montagna caratterizza questo negozio di materiali per alpinismo, climbing, trekking and ski touring.

5 September 2012
Alpinismo Monte Bianco : Grave incidente sul Mont Maudit

Climbing Mont Blanc : Serious accident on Mont Maudit

This morning at 5.20 on the Mont Maudit (Mont Blanc massif), on the border between France and Italy, It is consumed the more serious accident in recent years :

12 July 2012
L’arrampicata è per Salewa una gioia di vivere, anche Urban

Climbing is for Salewa a zest for life, even Urban

From time, for younger and older climbing stopped being only a sport, to become a lifestyle that is spreading increasingly in urban areas, in towns and cities. SALEWA's hand collection, the young climber can assert and prove to be an integral part of the community, even when they walk through the streets of their city, as in the case of the young athlete from Alto Adige Alexandra Ladurner.

29 June 2012
Dolomiti Night Experience Tour 2012 – GORE-TEX®

Dolomites Night Experience Tour 2012 – GORE-TEX ®

Nominations open until 26 June 2012

"Discover the Dolo-Nights" is a new initiative of the GORE-TEX ® Experience Tour that offers outdoor enthusiasts a unique night tours in the Dolomites, together with Stefan Glowacz, experienced German Mountaineer.

14 June 2012
Via Ferrata a Riva del Garda

Via Ferrata in Riva del Garda

The Elpine Guide “The Stone” organize your day 17/06/2012 una giornata di alpinismo lungo la Via Ferrata dell’Amicizia a Cima SAT sopra Riva del Garda.

13 June 2012
Giacca Salewa CAMALOT UOMO – Alpinismo e montagna

Salewa CAMALOT Jacket MEN – Mountaineering and mountain

Specialista dell’abbigliamento da montagna Salewa ci propone una nuova giacca da Uomo “MOD. Camalot” suitable for extreme applications; in fact, rain and wind are the enemies “natural” of every Mountaineer, but with the jacket SALEWA Camalot will be unable to hear them.

27 May 2012
Alpinismo : Daniele Nardi vince con SALEWA alpinextrem

Mountaineering : Daniele Nardi WINS with SALEWA alpinextrem

A new success for the athlete SALEWA alpinextrem Daniele Nardi team that Saturday 19 may, together with his colleague Roberto Delle Monache, He received the Premio Paolo Consiglio per la via "in the mouth of madness ... (does the tree of wisdom)"open in September 2011 between the Bhagirathi III and the Bhagirathi IV, in Garhwal, Indian Himalayas.

27 May 2012
“Il Grande Alpinismo” con la Gazzetta dello Sport

“The Great Mountaineering” with la Gazzetta dello Sport

All the best mountaineering in a Pearl Necklace 14 DVD with movies and documentaries (much unpublished material) on the big Mountaineering published by Gazzetta dello Sport; on newsstands 3 may 2012.

1 May 2012
Nuova gamma Suunto CORE

New range of Suunto CORE

New Suunto CORE Outdoor watches, trekking, alpinismo etc….nelle versioni ALU DEEP BLACK, ALU PURE WHITE, Blue and YELLOW CRUSH

18 April 2012
Alpinismo: CHRISTOPH HAINZ al Salewa Store Bergamo

Mountaineering: CHRISTOPH HAINZ at Salewa Store Bergamo

Bergamo will host Tuesday 13 March one of the most representative mountaineers on the world stage: South Tyrolean Christoph Hainz. Gli appassionati di emozioni in verticale potranno incontrare l’atleta portacolori del SALEWA alpineXtrem team durante la serata d’Alpinismo organizzata in suo onore presso la sede CAI Palamonti.

9 March 2012
Ötztal, estate 2012 tra Sport estremi, relax e panorami alpini…

Ötztal, summer 2012 among extreme sports, relaxation and Alpine views…

The Ötztal is an hour's drive from Innsbruck. Best known for the Ski World Cup in Sölden, the international season begins every year big white circus, the Ötztal presents itself to the public Italian as a summer resort for a relaxing holiday and sport

22 February 2012
Corso di Arrampicata su ghiaccio nelle cascate più belle delle Alpi

Ice climbing course in the most beautiful waterfalls in the Alps

Learn the techniques of progression, insurance and dropped on falls of more shots, including non-stop Prep.
The course is aimed at those who have attended a basic course and chi to already perched on ice cords.

21 February 2012
Corso di Alpinismo invernale

Winter Mountaineering course

And’ appena trascorso il secondo week end del corso di alpinismo invernale sulle Alpi Apuane organizzato dalle Guide alpine “The Stone”.

21 February 2012
Corso di alpinismo in alta montagna 2012

Mountaineering course in high mountains 2012

From 09/06/2012 to the 01/07/2012 (duration 6 Days) the Alpine guides “The Stone” organizzano un Corso di Alpinismo in alta montagna. THE COURSE IS DIVIDED INTO 3 WEEKEND: 9-10 June ; […]

21 February 2012