La trota marmorata nel parco del Gran Paradiso – Life+ Bioaquae

The trout in the Gran Paradiso National Park – Life Bioaquae

Continue with successful actions taken by the Gran Paradiso National Park within the Life project Bioaquae to save the marble trout within the waterways of the protected area.
Biologi e ricercatori al lavoro per salvare la trota marmorata dall’estinzione.

Gli Stambecchi del parco del Gran Paradiso – Quando si vedono di più

Ibex of Gran Paradiso Park – When you see more

The symbol of the Gran Paradiso Park is the mountain goat, It is quite common to see and photograph also closely. Higher concentrations are found, during the summer, in the valleys of Cogne and Savarenche valleys.

Pneumatici invernali e Gomme da neve, AVETE ANCORA DUBBI ?

Winter tires and snow tires, YOU STILL HAVE DOUBTS ?

Winter tyres also called snow tires or tires thermals are suitable to travel safely frozen and snow-covered roads or take your car anyway with security on sdruciolevoli.

Sci Slalom gigante 2014 : modelli RACE ! come scegliere lo sci da gara.

Skiing Giant Slalom 2014 : RACE models ! How to choose ski race.

Giant Slalom ski 2014 : Atomic ,Rossignol, Fischer, Volkl, Dynastar, Elan.

Sci Slalom speciale 2014 : modelli RACE ! come scegliere lo sci da gara.

Slalom skiing 2014 : RACE models ! How to choose ski race.

Special Slalom ski 2014 : Atomic ,Rossignol, Fischer, Volkl, Dynastar, Elan.

Mountain Bike e Relax in Dolomiti

Mountain biking in the Dolomites

Mountain Bike MTB and relaxation : Per gli appassionati di cicloturismo un’imperdibile occasione per fare il pieno di energia salutando l’arrivo dell’estate con il soggiorno “Bike & Wellness” dell’Excelsior Resort di San Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ)

VACANZE in MONTAGNA 2016 : Hotel residence ed Appartamenti nelle migliori località delle Alpi e degli Appennini

Holidays in the mountains 2016 : Hotel residences and apartments in the best locations in the Alps and the Apennines

Looking to spend your holidays in the mountains in 2016 ?
Follow the mountain offers for Hotels, Holiday cottages, Bed & Breakfast and apartments ; Family hotels or resorts for your holiday in the mountains.
Beautiful places for sports recreation or adventure sports in the mountains, hike, Rafting, Nordic Walking and relaxing activities in the mountains.

Trentino: sport avventura o sport svago?

Trentino: adventure sports or leisure sports?

Adventure sports or leisure sports? You can have at their disposal these two choices is possible if you decide to spend the summer vacation in Val di Sole, in Trentino. Choose from adventure sports or leisure sport is completely subjective, depends on what a person wants from their vacation, It depends on your personal needs and passions; nothing prevents these two sports experiences can be experienced together. Represent two sides of the same coin: the adventure is the desire to experience strong emotions and extreme, leisure is the desire to totally liberate the mind from all problems and thoughts of everyday life and give fresh air to your lungs and neurons.

Val Gardena : Olimpiadi Sport per tutti

Val Gardena : Olympics sports for all

Entries for the 13th edition of the Olympics sports for all from the 25.06.2013 to the 29.06.2013 proceed at full speed. Until now enrolled participants from well 24 Nations!

Finale I FREE con Eider a Sella Nevea

Ending the FREE with Eider in Sella Nevea

Adrenaline Canin Freeride, last leg of the FREE 2013

Trento Film Festival New Tendecies – il nuovo progetto tra unomo e montagna

Trento Film Festival New Tendecies – the new project between man and mountain

The project “New Tendencies” wants to give voice to one of the fundamental aspects of the relationship between man and mountain: the continuous interweaving of present, past and future.
There are countless new forms of approach to mountain and nature and each of them represents the trace of a projected history inexorably towards the future but that never forgets to turn their gaze to the shapes of the past.

Livigno invita Danny MacAskill al BIKE Festival di Riva del Garda

Livigno invites Danny MacAskill at BIKE Festival in Riva del Garda

Danny MacAskill shows are a sight for anyone, whether they are fans of the bike or not. Why Miss the opportunity to see Danny live during the BIKE Festival in Riva del Garda? On site there will be three shows of Danny MacAskill presented by "Livigno Feel the Alps".

Sport estremi nelle Dolomiti : MTB e Rafting di giorno e Relax in Hotel !

Extreme sports in the Dolomites : Mountain biking and Rafting during the day and Relax in Hotel !

Una scossa di “Adrenalina” per risvegliare i sensi è la proposta dell’Excelsior Resort di San Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ) to experience the Dolomites nature.

Villach Austria : Bad Bleiberg, divertimento e relax d’estate in montagna

Villach Austria : Bad Bleiberg, fun and relaxation d ’ summer in the mountains

The Carinthia Villach, a few kilometres from the Italian border to Tarvisio, It is famous for its spas and for the benefits that these bring. To Bad Bleiberg, of ancient origin in mining, stands out not only for its curative springs but also for climatic galleries taken from old galleries. And then la cryotherapy: a couple of minutes to -110° C can relieve pain joint nature, and not only. An oasis of relaxation and care where even kids can find lots of fun with a visit to two educational websites Terra Mystica and Earth Montana: enter into the bowels of the Earth to discover for game stones, gems and the origin of our planet!