A Livigno la stagione invernale non finisce….

Livigno winter doesn't end….

From Saturday 13 April shoots Skipass Free, the promotion that includes the ski pass up to 1° may. And for those who will still want to ski, having regard to the exceptional snow conditions, everything open to the carousel 3000 fino al 15 may.
Per l’occasione vale una tessera giornaliera di 10 euro.

And throughout the month of April, non-stop events in the Best European Resort: It starts Monday 15 with the Fiat Nine Knights.

From next week, the Swiss national downhill skiing with Lara Gut in training on the slopes of Livigno.

12 April 2013
Sci Alpino : Finali di coppa Italia Master all’Abetone

Alpine Skiing : Italy Cup final Master all ’ Abetone

Finali di Coppa Italia Master all’Abetene. Si parte con il superG sulla ‘Coppi Due’.

12 April 2013
MTB Downhill VS Peugeot RCZ Rally

Mtb Downhill VS Peugeot RCZ Rally

Paolo Andreucci aboard the new Peugeot RCZ challenge Lorenzo Suding on mountain bikes with which he won the title of Italian champion of Downhill. An exciting video and adrenalin !

6 April 2013
Trekking lungo la stada megalitica – Alpi Liguri

Trekking along the road the megalithic era – Ligurian Alps

Trekking attraverso le Alpi Liguri
La strada megalitica e la Cappella di S.Anna sopra Alpicella

4 April 2013
Fly2Race la prima gara in Italia di Triathlon con Fly Emotion

Fly2Race the first Triathlon race in Italy with Fly Emotion

Have you ever heard of a competition that includes mountain biking, running and walking a flight experience? Impossible, because in fact we are talking about a "first" in Italy. It's called FLY2RACE, It will take place on Saturday 4 may in the lower Valtellina, departing at 10 by the municipality of Albaredo per San Marco. The organizers, the same as in 2011 they opened the attraction "Fly Emotion", ensure that it will be an unforgettable experience. The race, strictly couple (male-female/female-female/male-male) and open to all, as long as trained and in possession of a certificate of good and strong Constitution, will consist of four fractions in succession.

4 April 2013
Adamello ski : a Ponte di Legno si scia fino al 7 aprile

Adamello ski : in Singapore you wake up to 7 April

After a sunny Easter skiing, Despite the weather forecast, the company shall notify the closing dates of the lifts. At Pontedilegno and Temù skiing until Sunday 7 April, the conditions of the slopes are still good but does not make it possible to ski after this date; the track closes Angel starting today, Thursday, 4 April.

4 April 2013
Dominik Paris, campione italiano in Super G, chiude la stagione dello sci alpino 2012-2013

Dominik Paris, Italian champion in Super G, closes the season of Alpine skiing 2012-2013

Sci alpino, Paris ends season with Italian Super-g title in Passo San Pellegrino. Cortella and Varettoni on podium

4 April 2013
Sci alpinismo : percorso originale della Ötzi Alpin Marathon disponibile il 6 aprile 2013 per gli appassionati.

Ski touring : original location of Ötzi Alpin Marathon available on 6 April 2013 for fans.

All fans of skiing potrannopercorrere the route of Ötzi Alpin Marathon day 6 aprile in attesa dell’evento estremo del 20 April 2013.

3 April 2013
Campionati italiani di Sci Alpino : Discesa femminile, risultati ed aspirazioni !

Alpine World Ski Championships : Ladies ' downhill, accomplishments and aspirations !

Sci alpino :
A confirmation and a surprise today in the descent of the Alpine World Ski Championships, played on the track "Top men" in Passo San Pellegrino, con l’organizzazione curata dallo Ski Team Fassa. The confirmation came from Brescia of yellow flame Daniela Merighetti, in his second national title in the discipline after that of 2009.

3 April 2013
Livigno Skipass Free e sci fino a maggio

Livigno Skipass Free and skiing until may

Winter snow conditions are still in LIVIGNO, where the ski season officially ends on May 1.

2 April 2013
GORE-TEX® experience Tour 2013 : diventa regista del tuo video Outdoor

GORE-TEX ® experience Tour 2013 : becomes Director of your video Outdoor

Film buffs outdoor and nature documentaries who dream of being able to turn a real films have the unique opportunity to see their dream thanks to Gore. This is the new project "European Outdoor Film School 2013" in the context of GORE-TEX ® Experience Tour 2013

24 March 2013
Google Maps Mountain View ti porta sulle montagne più alte del mondo.

Google Maps Mountain View brings you the world's highest mountains.

Google Maps enriches its photographic archive of mountains with Mountain View : immagini scattate sulla cima dell’Everest e del Kilimangiaro.

24 March 2013
Sauze D’Oulx : torna in funzione la seggiovia Clotes

Sauze D Oulx ’ : back up the chairlift Clotes

Starting tomorrow 23 marzo a Sauze D’Oulx rientreranno in funzione i seguenti impianti: Garnel Chairlift (Sestriere), Clotes Chairlift (Sauze d'Oulx)

24 March 2013
Bardonecchia aspetta la primavera con tanta neve sulle piste da sci.

Bardonecchia wait spring with lots of snow on the slopes.

Lots of snow on the slopes of Bardonecchia, that ensures open lifts in spring. Evidence of Kilometer skiing launched, scheduled for 24 March, has been postponed to Sunday 7 April.

24 March 2013