Jeep Sponsor of the European tour The North Face Speaker series

Was held in Milan the first stage of the tour with four-time conqueror of Everest Simone Moro, alongside The North Face ® team there will be Jeep Wrangler, the unstoppable 4 x 4 brand icon.

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Jeep, the legendary American brand leader in’off-road, is sponsor for the second year in a row The North Face ® Speaker Series, l ’ exclusive European tour that gives voice to the protagonists of extreme sport, scheduled 5 to the 20 November and that will visit five European cities: Milan, Barcelona, Monaco, Paris and London. For each appointment, Jeep Wrangler Mountain, the special series Jeep designed to address the most challenging off-road trails will make a fine show with a placement exclusive, Besides being the athletes ' stories starring alongside footage of their extreme experiences the highest peaks of the world.

Protagonists of each stage Alpine team athletes of The North Face ® that will share with the audience the emotions of their successes but also the most difficult racing career through stories, spectacular images and videos. The first meeting was held last night at the Milan Triennale, where the famous alpinist Simone Moro presented, together with Denis Urubko, the movie "Mountaineering of yesterday and today ", film of almost 30 minutes collecting thoughts and reflections on a sport par excellence that is the challenge the limit and ancestral desire to explore. Viewers can admire striking images of the most extreme Brown, accompanied on his travels by Jeep Wrangler, both in the city and in the valleys of the Himalayas.

Jeep shares with The North Face ® leadership in the field of’outdoor ’ and technological innovation. Thanks to ability of absolute reference, Jeep cars always meet customer needs with products that allow you to take in freedom, comfort and safety any adventure even in extreme conditions.

With the sponsorship of the Speaker Series, Jeep further strengthens the bond with the world of extreme sports and confirms the ability to go anywhere and take any trip that distinguishes l icon ’ Jeep Wrangler. The North Face ® team athletes represent perfectly the values of freedom, Adventure, authenticity, passion and uniqueness that are part of the Jeep DNA: liberty understood as a State of mind and determination to follow their instincts with the confidence to take on any challenge thanks to rated capacity. Adventure as a vocation. Authenticity, because Jeeps is the brand's original ’, the first to have explored l ’ outdoor becoming undisputed leader and to have transformed l ’ driving experience in an event out of the ordinary ’. Passion as an impulse to live their own individuality so strong and distinctive. Uniqueness or know how to distinguish features absolutely unmistakable.

After the initial stage of the 5 November in Milan, The North Face ® Speaker Series 2012 continues until 20 November with the following appointments:

  • · 8 November – Barcelona
  • · 13 November – Monaco
  • · 15 November – Paris
  • · 20 November – London

The stages of Milan, Munich and Paris will host Simone Moro and Denis Urubko, as for the appointment of Barcelona, Barmasse recounts his experience of the summer 2011 that saw him face the highest peaks of the Alpthe. In the final stage of the tour in London, the renowned American climber Conrad Anker will reveal the secrets behind the first ascent of Mount Meru (4.565 meters) in Garhwal, Himalaya.

Jeep values translate into style, functionality, quality construction and off-road reference capacity. Result of 70 years of legendary heritage, each car Jeep looks like a genuine SUV featuring outstanding performance and versatility for those who want to live the outdoor ’ and is looking for extraordinary voyages not only the most extreme territories but also in town. The Jeep brand openly invites to live life to the fullest, offering a complete range to address any Adventure maximum safety. Mark from extraordinary tradition, Jeep over the years he has always been able to reinvent itself by offering innovative products and strong personality that have become the benchmark for a whole ’ car group.






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