Banff Film Festival – World Tour makes a stop in Genoa and the Ligurian Section of CAI works in ’ organization

The Italian Edition of the Banff Mountain Film Festival – the Canadian review considered one of the most important global events dedicated to adventure films, mountain climbing and outdoor sports – is an event sponsored by Patagonia, Garmin and CMH Italy in collaboration with La Gazzetta dello Sport, National Geographic, Pointbreak Magazine, Outdoor Magazine, Mountainblog.

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Lunedì 25 March minutes 21, the Ligurian section of CAI is pleased to partner with Alt(r)ispazi and Sportmaker in the Organization of the stage Genoese prestigious Banff Film Festival – World Tour.

The Genoese Edition, organized by Alt(r)ispazi and Sportmaker, uses then the collaboration of CAI Ligurian Section, for over 130 years undertaken to disclose the passion in attendance of the mountain and the practice of the numerous related activities, under the program of celebrations of 150 years of the Italian Alpine Club.

In about two hours of projection the eleven films, selected from the best movies of the Festival, will range from those devoted mountaineering until those extracted from the adrenaline programme Radical Reels, that groups the most intense and quick video of Banff in a exciting and fascinating events breathtaking videos to be seen from a perspective of pure fun.


After a break for the Easter holidays, our section will resume its course of events constructed for all members and for all mountain lovers:
the 4 and the 18 April, Thursday,, pm 21 at the Salon of our office there will be a further two movie nights, with two films commented by the Senate of the section
the 10 April, Wednesday, pm 21 We organize in Bogliasco an evening dedicated to the mountains of CHILE
The 22 April, Thursday,, always at 21 at the cineclub Nickelodeon (Cinema of consolation) Another great appointment: We will be hosting the Everest-K2-CNR Committee that will present its fascinating studies in the Himalaya and Karakoram

The full list of programming is available on the website: http://www.banff.it/film/





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