Deejay Chiama Italy hosts Marco Deamer for the presentation of his new book adventure.

Friday 19 April, a Deejay Chiama Italy Linus e Nicola Savino will host the writer and traveller MARCO DEAMER, He will present his new book "the three paths of life. My road to Santiago ". Deejay Chiama Italy is a program hosted by Linus e Nicola Savino aired every day, from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 at 12.00. Between a song and the other, the two converse about various topics deejay. The program, at the same time as the airing on Radio Deejay, is visible in streaming on the site www.deejay.it, and not only: broadcast on Deejay TV (channel 9 the DT) and Canal 145 by Sky. It also replicated in version "in the evening" from 23:00 always on Deejay TV.

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Friday 19 April, a Deejay Chiama Italy Linus e Nicola Savino will host the writer and traveller MARCO DEAMER, He will present his new book "The three paths of life. My road to Santiago”.

It came out Wednesday 27 March book review: Author Marco Deamer, entitled "the three paths of life, my road to Santiago ", published by the publishing house Castelvecchi.
Marco solo businesses, Thanks to books that have told, have become legend. Riding his motorcycle has been around the world, along 57.000 Kilometers, ( Round the world motorcycle tour, Sperling and Kupfer, 2006), He traveled to Kabul in war time (Destination Afghanistan, Sperling and Kupfer, 2008) He crossed the Australian deserts, the grasslands and forests of Africa and reached Beijing, along the whole of the ancient "Silk Road"; It is submitted in areas of conflict as the Caucasian republics and Chechnya, arriving in Lebanon and in Syria. This time Marco has abandoned the faithful motorcycle in the garage to try a new experience. Eight hundred kilometres on foot, an extraordinary journey from the Pyrenees to the ocean, a very special Pilgrim: tireless traveler, "the man crossing the deserts in motion", After making all kinds of enterprise, He faces the most difficult challenge this time: that of faith.

Marco has traveled the roads impassable on the way of Saint James in the traditional way, with the only aid of their own feet. The journey gave him the necessary strength, After much lived, to change your fate, allowing him to still believe. And gave him this book, vivid travel diary and confession without filters, that can inspire and set advise anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps, metaphorically or concretely, and get in the way. "A novel that will help rejuvenate,"the author says" their own spirituality and inner peace, in a historical moment so hard, serious crisis in which it's easy to fall prey of despair and loss of our horizons, I wanted to tell this experience to give all readers a message of hope, to regain confidence in themselves and in the future ".

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