With summer, the Eggental offers the Latemarium!, a dense network of trails to discover the Dolomites

Val D'ega and Latemarium! 2014 : Kissed by the Sun 365 days per year, in a unique location, Why is nestled in the heart of the Dolomites – Unesco World Heritage site – the Eggental would in itself many natural attractions and not just to justify a vacation, However brief, between the mountains and the pastures that resurface after the winter season.

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However, from this year, summer tourist area proposals are enriched with big news. The natural gem of the Latemar Massif will do just fine show, as is the case for millions of years, but will also become the beautiful setting of the The latemarium!, a number of newly constructed theme paths that wind between shady Woods, Meadows from bright green and pastures at high altitude. Views that seem to come from the books of fairy tales, yet easily accessible, both by more experienced than dale families with children, these parts are home.

If the one that guides you on a walk on the slopes of the Dolomites is your passion for spectacular views, la seggiovia che collega Obereggen a Oberholz conduce alla nuova piattaforma panoramica Latemar. 360°, whose name should not leave room for surprises. And instead, albeit expected, the scenario that opens all around breathtaking. With the steep cliffs of the Latemar behind, incomparable spectacle opens eyes, a seemingly endless expanse of peaks and glaciers, the chain of Adamello and Brenta Dolomites up Gran Zebrù, Ortler and the Ötztal Alps and Stubaier East and West. A view that accompanies as a constant, even those who venture on the trail Latemar. panorama, that develops right beneath the walls of the imposing Latemar. The highly scenographic context offers a continuous succession of scenic spots in which to explore the history and stories of these places, from the stories about beings who live among rock crevices at Legends of the Latemar, up to the historic border clashes.
But that's not all. Chi, in front of a pristine environment and the life forms that inhabit it, remain open-mouthed, won't stay rather insensitive to the trail Latemar. nature designed for families and nature lovers. Following him, agrees to go discovering alpine habitats at various altitudes altitude. Touching several interactive stations, il percorso conduce all’approfondimento della flora e fauna della regione svelandone segreti e curiosità. This close contact with nature, the landscape ceases to be a mere outline, becoming a living reality and touching.
For those who consider the mountain as a place to relax, by adopting the technique of simple dotted with stops to look around and breathe an atmosphere very different from that to which you are accustomed, Latemar. is ideal for nature lovers and families with children, I especially appreciate the path "Durabühl" (Nr. 10/11) that from the Lad down to Obereggen. Shady groves, meadows and incredibly diverse vegetation are a wonderful backdrop to an alignment on which apparently the time should never end.
For those who, on the contrary, binds to the mountain the words "challenge" and "limit", the conquest of peaks and the peaks, the Latemar. 2671m offers the perfect itinerary: Medium difficulty, the path runs along the great labyrinth created from blocks of a giant landslide. Arrived at an altitude 2671 m, It will look like a vision the rifugio Torre di Pisa, where to refuel with simple, tasty dishes of the local tradition and find accommodation in dormitory. The view, priceless, as far as the majestic grandeur of the Marmolada.

Finally, at an altitude of 1.550 m, the forest Zipline Park located in Obereggen valley station is the alternative adrenaline adventure uphill. Out of a total of 25 stations, the path between the trees offers sporting challenges, playful surprises, teaching moments, multisensorial experiences, opportunities for personal growth and overcoming one's limits in an experience destined to stay long in the memories.






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