All on top All & #8217; EVEREST thanks to virtual reality !

It is the dream of every climber, the desire for all mountain lovers: reach the Summit of Everest is a single undertaking and are reserved for the few. From today, however,, Thanks to virtual reality, everyone will experience an unforgettable interactive experience to explore slopes of the highest mountain in the world.

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EVEREST VR, developed by Solfar Studios, is the most incredibly immersive experience on Everest ever made.

Designed for the 3D viewer HTC Lives, Everest VR is somewhere between a game and a documentary, able to make the viewer protagonist of highly realistic situations, typical of those who decide to undertake the ascent of Mount Everest. Dealing with glaciers, crevasses, vertical walls, reach camp 4, arrive at Khumbu Nepali side falls and pass the Hillary Step at 8790m are just some of the challenges to live in first person through an unforgettable interactive experience on top of mount more inaccessible to the world.

A way to discover the mountain, an opportunity to experience virtually an exclusive experience and learn the history and geography of the mountain that more than any other sport has always fascinated me and not.

Everest VR will be starring with Claudio Pedica, Senior Interaction Designer of the project, to View Conference 2017, the most important event to be held in Turin from the Italian digital 23 to the 27 October. A unique event where the protagonists are the biggest names in the world of animation, special effects, virtual reality, digital design and video games.

If you are fascinated by the world of computer graphics, If you love the cinema and 3d animations, If you are passionate about video games and new technology marked on your calendar. From 20 to the 27 October Turin hosts VIEW Conference, the most important Italian on digital, This year in its eighteenth edition. A unique event where the protagonists are the biggest names in the world of animation, special effects, virtual reality, digital design and video games.
Eight days of meetings, Workshop, projections, conferences, Preview, dedicated not only to professionals but also to startups, Directors and to many fans, coming from all over the world. View Conference is an opportunity to compare the most advanced technologies and to discover techniques and tricks straight from the greatest masters
interactive digital world.
The Group of rapporteurs is spectacular. They will arrive in Turin the biggest names in digital graphics related to entertainment: Rob Pardo, Eric Darnell, Christopher Townsend, Phil Chen, Joe Letteri, Vicki Dobbs Beck, John Nelson and still Mark Osborne, Bill Westenhofer… It will be a movie gallery, Directors, animation directors, Visual effects supervisors, 5 Academy Awards and numerous Grammy Awards.
"VIEW Conference – explains the Director Maria Elena Gutierrez – is an amazing event, not only a place to discuss, but a real incubator of ideas. A unique opportunity for Exchange and comparison to explore the new frontiers of cinema and the world of video games and figure out what will Hollywood challenges of the coming years ".
But not only. Because computer graphics can also be work for medicine, How will the doctor David Putrino, Director of Innovation for rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Health System in New York and Professor of rehabilitation medicine at the medical school Icahn of Mt. Sinai.
The largest production houses, Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, Marvel Studios, Wetadigital, Animal Logic, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Imageworks (that right to VIEW Conference will celebrate its 25 years of history) and all the elite of international cinema meeting in Turin for a date that, as mentioned in previous editions, promises to be full of surprises. We will travel the Galaxy with the Director of Star Wars animations: Rogue One Hal Hickel, We will discover how an animated film is born through the experience by Mark Osborne, Director of the little Prince, We're going to miss with Kim White – Director of photography of Cars 3 – among the highlights and shadows of Radiator Springs along with Ratchet and Lightning McQueen and the streets of Gotam City in LEGO version with animation Director of Lego Batman Movie (Animal Logic), Rob Coleman.

Three days to see the vision of the greatest and latest movies, not just blockbusters but also independent productions, introduced and narrated directly by their creators. An event dedicated to schools and film buffs, a unique opportunity to meet and get to know all the big names in world cinema. Many missed appointments: the European premiere of Siggraph's Computer Animation Festival, presented in the Director room of the Edition 2017, Pol Jeremias and a special screening of guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

Everest VR_1

Talk, workshops and master classes with the indisputable masters of digital graphics, Academy Award winners, meeting in Turin for a unique event and highly anticipated.
From 24 to the 26 October is scheduled for GAME DEVELOPMENT BOOTCAMP. 6 young team of independent developers will have the unique opportunity to work with an international group of experienced coaches in the Game Industry that will help them develop their idea: Kevin Lin (COO of Twitch.tv), the Venture Capitalist LK Shelley, Travis Winstanley (Games Investement Director at Kuju Entertainment), Bernard Yee (Program Manager at Oculus), Benoit Boutte (already Managing Director of Digital Bros), Mauro Fanelli (Ceo of MixedBag) and mark Mazzaglia (President of T-Union, already IT Manager at Milestone).

During the days of the event will be awarded to the winners of the VIEW CONFERENCE AWARD. Four contest – Best short, Social contest, Game contest, Italianmix – There is a high level of competitiveness. May involve the animated shorts and videogames created between 1 January 2015 and the 15 September 2017.

Everest VR_3

Among the big names who are ready to arrive in Italy there's Rob Pardo, one of the world's top video game designers, creator of World of Warcraft and founder of Bonfire Studios. Long-Awaited Eric Darnell, a true pioneer of animated cinema. Director, screenwriter, composer, voice actor and animator, Darnell is famous for directing and Screenwriting (with Tom McGrath) of the four movies from Dreamworks Madagascar. Chief creative director of Baobab Studios, will take the stage of the VIEW to talk about virtual reality immersive storytelling at the time of.
Go up on stage even Phil Chen, cofounder of HTC LIVES, Advisor in Horizons Ventures, Managing Partner at Presence Capital, to discuss how the new frontiers of technology can reinvent storytelling.
Three blockbusters released in theaters in the coming months starring in VIEW Conference. There will be Oscar winner Bill Westenhofer (Head of the Visual effects of "Wonder Woman"), Oscar winner Martin Hill with its Valerian and the city of a thousand planets by Luc Besson, an amazing intergalactic travel between alien cultures and uncontaminated lands, Christopher Townsend, nominated for an Academy Award for special effects as guardians of
Galaxy, Vol 2. Eagerly awaited Oscar winner John Nelson, Visual effects supervisor head of Bladerunner 2049, that for the first time will tell right on stage in VIEW behind the scenes of the highly anticipated film. Joe Letteri, authentic digital graphics and special effects artist. Four-time Oscar winner, contributed his talent to make successful films like Star Wars, Casper, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Avatar.
A VIEW will present "The War – planet of the apes" and the evolution of technology and of the art of Visual effects for the final movie of the trilogy.
Hal Hickel, already an Oscar for Visual effects of Pirates of the Caribbean, talk about the latest creations of Industrial Light and Magic – android, creatures and spaceships – directly from the last film by George Lucas, Rogue 1: Star Wars Story.
And if you think that computer graphics is a man's world, be prepared to think again ! Visitors to VIEW Kim White, Director of photography for Pixar from 1997 He worked in masterpieces like A Bug's
Life – Wikipedia, Monsters& Co, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3 and Inside Out. A VIEW tells the adventure of illuminating Radiator Springs.
There is talk of LK Shelley, venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, who will talk about investment in creative content like video games and startup investments related to mobile technology.
Noelle Triaureau, production designer at Sony Pictures Animation, will talk about his experiences with "the Smurfs: journey into the secret forest ". Leslie Iwerks, producer, Writer/Director, coming directly from the to tell his experience in the world of documentaries Pixar and how new technologies are pushing farther and farther the boundaries of documentaries.
Vicki Dobbs Beck, Director of ILMxLAB.





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