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Summer holidays 2018 the Dolomites In summer, Arabba is the ideal starting point to plunge into the heart of the Dolomites: reassuring pastures and gentle slopes allow regenerating walks and quiet desk dedicated to nature and silence. Always surrounded by a breath-taking panorama, between spires and majestic walls, where, Moreover, countless itineraries are drawn at altitude and climbing routes for hikers and mountaineers.

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Summer: on foot or by bike, between nature and culture

Cycling enthusiasts, Instead, Arabba offers the major climbs of the tour of Italy, around the Sella Group; and even the ability to addentrarcisi, Thanks to the many off road trails served by lifts winter plants. Those who prefer a holiday full of culture and history, can (Re)discover traditions, Ladin museum of culture and customs of the Ladin People. Or visit the castle of Andraz, a fortification that dates back to the 11th century. The whole area, then, was the scene of battles of World War I and still are visible reminders of the conflict: from Col di Lana, Theatre of bloody fighting, the shrine of Pian di Salesei, where lie the many fallen soldiers on these mountains.

Summer walk

Arabba lies in the heart of the Dolomites, a 1600 meters high, surrounded by the imposing Sella Massif, at the foot of the Pordoi and Campolongo passes and, in front of, the majestic Porta Vescovo, above which stands the Marmolada. The ideal place for lovers of trekking and mountaineering, a perfect "base camp" to reach some of the most picturesque corners of the Dolomites, Unesco.

From the village there are tens of kilometers of trails that allow an almost infinite range of tours: They range from trips through the woods of the Valley, suitable for families with children, to rewarding trekking at high altitude, Maybe when in shelters, up to challenging climbs for experienced climbers. At guests ' disposal, a pool of professional mountain guides prepared and lets face it safely every ascent.

Hospitality: a thousand different solutions

And to top it off a day full of nature and sport, the Ladin hospitality offer guests, in summer and winter over 3000 places and 200 exercises between hotels, dining and accommodations: from wellness hotel with sauna, Turkish, pools and massage, the garnì Alpine flavour, through residence, apartments, Holiday cottages and rent-rooms. Numerous, Finally, the cafes that overlook the streets of the village and the Valley, where being tempted by the smell of sweets and homemade specialties.


Arabba_estate2016_ferrata-delle-trincee∏Alessio Bellenzier_naturaestrema

Trekking: through pastures, marmots and peaks

One of the most rewarding hikes from the point of view of landscape (If ever you are unable to make a ranking in this stunning setting), is the Hunter's trail, a point to point ride of reasonable length (16 km) that leaves Arabba to climb (path # 638) the Campolongo pass through green pastures where frequently we encounter cows and horses. Upon reaching the Step, you take trail no. 3 (named Jägerweg) that leads to the Refuge Engraved, from which continue to cross the plateau of Cherz, passing through the homonymous hut.

Equally compelling is the climb to the Pordoi Pass, He starts skirting the Cordevole torrent. After passing the town Pont de Vauz (the chair lift), the path crosses wide meadows for grazing, up to engage on the ski slope that leads to, often among the whistling marmots. Once you get to the Step, worth visiting the small chapel situated at the foot of the Sass Becè. The return to Arabba with the CAI path n° 680 heading towards Porta Vescovo, passing along the north side of the Ristoro Lezuo and ridges.

A classic of the area is the historic trail Viel del Pan, once used for trade, Hence the name. The route connects Passo Pordoi to Porta Vescovo with great views of the Marmolada and Lago Fedaia. "Personally I consider it the most beautiful panoramic hike at high altitude in the area», ensures Francesco Tremolada, Mountain guide of reference for Arabba. "It is a sort of" belvedere "nestled among the Marmolada and Sella Group».


Arabba_estate2016_trekking-viel-del-pan∏Arabba Fodom Turismo_naturaestrema

Ferrate: at the gates of heaven

Possibly, though, climb even higher. Between the walls surrounding Arabba were some of the most beautiful equipped routes in the Dolomites. Between these, the Ferrata trenches from Porta Vescovo arrives at Passo Padon, through the rough battlefield of World War I, with many old stalking, trenches literally clinging to the rock. «Pounces with a steep wall», warns Tan, «continue on land easier, passing the picturesque suspension bridge and some downhill to be reckoned with. The second part is long, but simpler, with long stretches in Crest and a spectacular panorama on Marmolada».

Is more challenging Cesare Piazzetta (one of the most difficult of the Dolomites), leading up to the 3152 metres of Piz Boè. While those who want to learn (or perfect) climbing techniques have over twenty equipped routes on cliffs of Bec de Roces, "the towers" jagged located directly at the foot of the Sella Massif. "It is a beautiful climbing Hall, uncrowded and, the easiest routes, suitable for children», ensures Tan.

Bike summer activities

Whether it's cycling road or off road paths, l'estate di Arabba exerts an irresistible charm even on pedal enthusiasts colorful people. We are at the foot of the Pordoi and Campolongo, just below the Sella Group; and not far away, the Falzarego. Climb on which were written the heroic pages of cycling, with the tour of Italy that often involved the "Cima Coppi" (that is the highest point reached by the whole Race) right on Pordoi, in front of the monument dedicated to the Champion. Arabba was home to stage and is usually placed in the path of the "great stage", that is the most challenging and spectacular of round: in the last edition recorded even a double pass of the race, While this year awaits the pink Jersey on 25 may, during the 18th stage.

A territory, then, Double wire bound with the great cycling, that gives all fans ' emotions from samples "long climbs and descents. But also – for those who prefer the mtb – a dense grid of dirt roads or trails in the high mountains of great interest or historical, in the sight of the solemn and extraordinary walls of the Sella Group, the most famous and picturesque in the Dolomites, Unesco.

Cycling: on the streets of legend

Arabba offers rides to great personal satisfaction. One above all: the ascent to Monument of Coppi on the Pordoi. Or, the challenge to the "Monster", malicious Giau ramps, from Arabba towards Colle Santa Lucia. We return from the Falzarego or, for the fit, from Campolongo, After doing the Valparola. In short, the paradise of the pedals. Besides personal tours, several bike events, involving the village of Arabba, allow you to travel the roads of the legend safely: Next 18 June celebrates the first annual Dolomites Bike Day, an event organised in collaboration with the Tourist Board Alta Badia, combining three steps, two provinces and three Ladin valleys in one pedal event: Campolongo, Falzarego and Valparola will be closed to traffic from 10.00 at 15.00 for a great day of cycling, on the same roads that, a few weeks before, they hosted the tour of Italy, in a natural scenery to take your breath away (and not for fatigue). Same formula, open to all cyclists, including children, and traffic banned, also the following Sunday, 25 June, When is the twelfth edition of the traditional Sellaronda Bike Day, a great celebration of bikes on the roads of a "classic" for cyclists, the "tour of the four steps". Entering the route is free (each starts from where it wants to), but Arabba is the place of departure (and arrival) best: the Pordoi, In fact, It is ideal as a first climb of the day; but, especially, It is prudent to foresee the Campolongo as the final climb, Since the four ascents is the less challenging.

Transit from Arabba (This year the 2 July) even the Maratona dles Dolomites, Perhaps the most famous Marathon in the world.

MTB: in the heart of the Dolomites

Big emotions are guaranteed even to those who love the off road cycling: in Arabba Mtb lovers have at their disposal a range of paths and single trails, GPX tracks, almost infinite. The most rewarding experience remains the Sellaronda MTB Tour, the tour around the Sella Massif, passable both clockwise (Orange route: 58 km, 3400 vertical metres, they are reduced to 700 using the lifts) both counterclockwise (Green outline: 53 km, 3000 vertical metres or 1300 using the implants). A tour that, every year, is offered in most key international cycling Union sports with the Hero Südtirol Dolomites, missed opportunity for real bikers, This year scheduled for 17 June.

Mountain biking, Moreover, unique places to reach, Maybe avoided by hiker on foot who prefer the summits impossible anyway for the motorist. Arabba is rich in naturalistic paths, historian, architectural and agricultural. Available for bikers, Since last summer is active, on some routes, a service of bike shuttle, that is, to transport by microbuses equipped, in order to avoid the most challenging descents or excessive distances: a useful way to allow you to ride for families or less energetic. Example of this service, the Pralongia Tour: from Arabba with the bike shuttle up to the Passo Campolongo, from here continue along the high plateau of Cherz until you reach the path that leads to Piz la Villa. With the cable car climbs to 2100 m altitude, you ride through the plateau of Pralongià, then turn again to the Passo Campolongo and descend to Arabba. Pure adrenaline, Instead, in the majestic Sellaronda Gravity Tour: from Arabba, go up to Porta Vescovo with the homonymous cable car from here you throw on a Tour full of exciting rides along trail prepared; shooting quota with the lifts, through the four valleys of the Sella Group. More quiet and affordable for all theEasy Flow Arabba, an evocative and interesting tours on trails, that thanks to the help of ski lifts you can discover the various fractions of the Fodom Valley, reaching 2000 m. It starts from Arabba, passing through the villages of Alfauro, Renaz and Cherz and then arrive at Passo Campolongo, It then drops back in Arabba and then climb to Passo Pordoi. At the top you are returned back to the Centre of Arabba. More challenging the beautiful tour through the Highlands, pastures and meadows, leads to Step Engraved; gravel paths beneath the jagged towers Bec de Roces leads to Plan Boè; While more experienced riders will find bread for their pedals in Around the Sas Becè.

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