Trekking in the mining park Capoliveri, iron ore seams of Elba

Hiking on the island of Elba between the nature in the mining park Calamita.

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The Elba Island is famous for its crystal clear sea and is visited in summer by many thousands of tourists looking for a relaxing holiday in the Tuscan Archipelago Sea.

Many ferries and ships to the Island of Elba that can reach the island from Piombino to Portoferraio and less than an hour's sail lead the tourists in a wild and natural setting.

(Pic by Giorgia Blacks)

Less known but equally fascinating is the natural inland side of Elba, characterized by Mediterranean greenery and trails for hiking and mountain biking.

The promontory of Calamita offers hiking trails of rare beauty between Capoliveri and Calamita Mines; the paths are accessible to all.

The Island of Elba has been the source of iron ore for the manufacturing of metal objects since the times of ancient Etruscans, in most of the modern era of Calamita iron quarries have been used for the extraction of this mineral. Today the quarries are no longer in operation and the area is suitable for fine treks with unique views.

The Magnet trekking route is not particularly difficult or challenging slopes, It is overlooking the coast allowing you to discover the beauty of the bays and the wild coves and quiet island.

Along about 11,5 Km path winds through the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, among pines and Mediterranean, characterized by Broom,clean, Erica, Lentisco, and Rosemary.

From March to June, the flora is enriched with blooming wild orchids, small but brightly.

In this part of the less touristy, it is not unusual to see wildlife such as pheasants or partridges settled, or step as the Hoopoe.

Being a popular tourist destination, are many attractions and events organized on the island in summer : event calendar Elba island 2018






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