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Water repellent PFC injurious to health and the environment ’

Treating PFCS used as waterproofing agent in Outdoor clothing, impacts in animals and in human blood, with damage to the reproductive system by encouraging the growth of cancer cells.

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The PFC It is present in most common waterproof treatments and stain used in manufacturing Outdoor clothing. PFC means fluorinated poly-and-compounds that are chemical substances with a very hazardous environment and health ’ high persistence. Persistence has a strong chemical bond between carbon and fluorine atoms, that gives the chiefs a particular thermal resistance and an exceptional water and oil repellency all ’ all ’, but on the other hand is difficult to degradation by natural processes, with negative consequences in animals, in human blood, with damage to the reproductive system by encouraging the growth of cancer cells. Some companies have assessed alternative waterproof treatments not harmful to health, biodegradable, based on ’-repellent effect of natural polymers.

Seen in the United States it's “Teflon epo elite” derived for the 60% from renewable sources. Most commonly used in the quality level is lowered slightly in terms of waterproofing, but it is the same in terms of durability. Consumers begin to try PFC-free products because this small difference becomes a luxury not afford at the expense of environment and health ’.

The one Gore fabrics is committed to eliminate the PFC of environmental significance by DWR durable water repellent treatments. For example PTFE is not a PFC of environmental relevance, ’ is safe and environmental friendly environment because too wide to be biodegradable and all water-insoluble ’; therefore according to this firm one viable alternative to PFC.






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