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Atomic D2 VF 75

The sci Atomic D2 VF 75 is a model from Gran turismo who prefers the speed and wide turns, Doubledeck technology has a great edge grip and vibration dampening.

Extraordinary skiing Atomic from Gran turismo with dynamism and a flex able to adapt automatically to each distinct condition.

The D2 VF 75 adapts to all types of surfaces, and it proved a good grip on packed snow.

The skiing is also valid at slower speeds, but more skiers skiing speed increases dynamically responds. Particularly suitable for carrying of wide turns without being a specific skiing giant slalom.

All thanks to the special structure Doubledeck, combining two individual skis: the top surface (Control Deck) distributes power directly to the bottom surface (Adapter Deck) that creates a great edge grip. Vibrations are so effectively absorbed and sports facility allows you to tackle any type of curve without hassle. The D2 VF 75 is ideal for skiers looking for a dynamic ski, easy to use, with a great response in bends.

Measurements: 148, 157, 166, 175 cm
Geometry: 126/75/111 mm (MIS. 166 cm)
RADIUS: 13 Mt (MIS. 166 cm)
Price: 600 euro

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of team 10 January 2012