New Air Seconds inflatable tent from Decathlon

The inflatable decathlon tent can be assembled quickly, does not fit in the backpack but is very practical and light.

Lately the are spreading inflatable tents, camping tents which instead of the structure have an inner tube system which swell quickly and support the tent as traditional uprights would. Some brands specializing in the camping sector have proposed this technology that combines ease of assembly with a limited stowage size.

Decathlon for example offers the Air Seconds model, a tent suitable for camping holidays (the model from 2 people weigh 4,7 Kg): assembly is very simple, è sufficiente stenderla a terra e gonfiarla con l’apposita pompa ed in meno di un minuto è pronta for fixing to the ground.

Non vi fate trarre in inganno dall’impressione di una struttura flessibile e poco stabile, In fact the Air Seconds tent by Decathlon it is waterproof to a 200mm water column and withstands wind up to 90km / h.

Furthermore, the walls have been verticalized as much as possible, to maximize comfort and habitability inside, is available in versions from 2 up to 5 people. The price of the new inflatable tent starts from 109,99 euros to get to 549,99 depending on the size.



of team 4 June 2020