Where to practice Kitesurfing in Africa

Africa is by far one of the best places to practice kitesurfing, However today the continent is much more than in the past and many airlines served a certain level, ensure a good number of links.

The dark continent is the absolute one of the best places to practice kitesurfing, because here you can do it at all levels and conditions. Temperatures often perfect and the ample space available, represent important guarantees for those who want to practice in peace and connect with other fans. However, today Africa is much more than in the past and served airlines a certain level as Lufthansa, ensure a good number of links.

South Africa

This part of the continent has a good number of comparable flights with Skyscanner Italy and once at your destination You can choose from over a hundred places to practice kitesurfing. The two main areas where I find most of the commercials are those of Eastern Cape and Western Cape. The latter area of the country, recommend such as Macassar, a 35 km from Cape Town, easy to reach thanks to the indications and with no protection or limit, that means big waves. According to some legend, Sometimes you can run into great white sharks. Also good to Melkbosstrand, about 6 km north of Milnerton, well known for its beautiful beach, parking in the vicinity of an upscale neighborhood where a ride. Not bad either Yzerfontein, che si distingue per essere un spot spesso parecchio ventoso, paradise for those who want to practice alongwith kitesurfers experts.


In this part of North Africa we really recommend the spot Tamri Imessouane Coast, relatively isolated location to several tens of kilometres north of Tamri. In this regard we must stay in hotel or camping, but it will be worth it, Since wind and waves are never particularly powerful, which makes the task of kitesurfing here, extremely funny. Experts recommend Tamri Tamri, characterized by fairly strong winds, and also quite convenient, Since it is just 500 metres from the nearby town.


The land of the Pharaohs is a great choice to practice kitesurfing. Hamata si trova nella zona di Marsa Alam ed è conosciuta per essere uno degli spot con acqua bassa più grande di tutto l’Egitto, Thus perfect for beginners and experts. Not recommended the period from December to February because low water temperatures. In the area of Marsa Alam, also recommend the spot Blue lagoon, marked not only by constant winds, but also by a sea of amazing shades of blue.


of Naturaestrema.it team 19 December 2012