Leonardo FIoravanti, a young champion of surfing all Italian – Photo gallery

Leonardo Fioravanti only 15 years is already a champion of Red Bull Surf ....

The secret of Leonardo Fioravanti is to train a lot with any sea condition. Of course in addition to training ’ Leo combines a passion and an innate ability to surf big waves and small :


You have to navigate a lot every day, in all conditions. If the waves are not good, you go to the gym, If the waves are good you go surfing. Although the ’ wave is not optimal, Sometimes you just have to go on Surf, a volte è necessario surfare onde piccole e con poco vento per abituarsi a tutte le condizioni.

In Italy the surf conditions aren't always great, do not surf every day, then you take advantage of the days with a lot of wind. In Sardinia, you get more, swell waves, because it is in front of ’ Italy, then the swell comes first in Sardinia and where I live, in Rome.

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Watch videos from Red Bull :

of Naturaestrema.it team 27 April 2013