Sea The most beautiful in Italy, BLUE GUIDE Legambiente and TCI

Do you want to spend your holiday at the beach or to the lake in the most beautiful beaches of Italy and see the best beach of the peninsula ? Follow the ranking of 5 sails and you can not go wrong !!! Here is the ranking of Legambiente and Touring Club of Italy for the most beautiful seaside resorts and lake and choose your summer destination characterized by responsibility and environmental quality. They remain at the top of the charts Sardinia with 5 in marine areas 5 sails and Trentino-Alto Adige with Molveno (TN) topped the lake sites.


Posada and Siniscola municipalities (Nu)

It consists of the municipalities of Siniscola and Posada territories, characterized by the presence of large wetlands retrodunal and a long sandy beach that delimits the articulated mouth in the Rio Posada delta that few weeks ago celebrated the inclusion within the International Convention RAMSAR. The City of Posada in this year extended its sustainable mobility services for tourists with substitute electric vehicles of private cars for the use of the beaches and the municipal bike sharing service. The City has recovered to public property Monte Orvile, entrusting by the Forest continued in the reforestation and saw financed by the Sardinia Region a substantial restoration project of an old building in the historic center to become a showcase of typical products of the territory. The Tepilora park was recognized as a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO.



City of Domus De Maria (CA)

The area coincides with the territory of the municipality of Domus De Maria. Partly affected by the Regional Natural Park of Gutturu Mannu, the City has recently completed the renovation of areas of nature management plans 2000. This year turned out well also instructors studies initiated with ISPRA that allowed the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Spartivento to be inserted by the last law of stability between the marine areas of forthcoming establishment. Good defensive work of the impressive system of dunes backshore, realized with the Life project PROVIDUNE. They continue excavations at Bithia with the prospect of visitability the archaeological site Phoenician-Punic and reinforce actions protection of coastal archaeological heritage uncovered by the storms last year. Also worth visiting are the work of the Environmental Education Center "Durci Water" with informative function on the correct use of the land and job training for tourism operators conducted by the Union of Municipalities of the territory with the course AUCTION, High School of Tourism Environmental.



Municipalities of Castiglione della Pescaia, Scarlino, Marina di Grosseto and Follonica (GR)

Solid land of resorts to five sails that made, During the years, environmental tourism the hallmark of its territory. Thanks to the exceptional naturalistic areas, as Diaccia Botrona or the beach of Cala Violina, skillfully highlighted by the presence of the Regional Park of the Maremma and by administrative town of Castiglione della Pescaia that time brings forward advanced policy management and sustainable promotion of the territory. Of note in this regard the actions put in place this year for the cleaning of shorelines, New equipment for washing and street cleaning, the reorganization and strengthening of separate collection stations, the new dispenser-collect cigarette butts and the use of biodegradable tableware for bathing establishments.



Vernazza municipalities, Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare (Sp)

historical and consolidated presence in the group of Five Sails, Cinque Terre are also confirmed this year between the localities most skilled in the ability to combine tourism and good attention to the area. Among the innovations of the last few months the dematerialization of the famous Cinque Terre Card, the card that allows the tourist to enjoy a range of services and opportunities that can be downloaded now on your mobile. Thanks to the Cinque Terre Card, the Park Authority can engage in agriculture funds that come from the tourism sector: The Park gives farmers the stones for the reconstruction and maintenance of dry stone walls, but also the maintenance of the trails themselves, It facilitates the transport of stone by helicopter in difficult to access sites and delivery grapevine planting for future cultivation. The Cinque Terre National Park, among the major agricultural support activities with the proceeds from the Card (and to encourage integration), It established the Labor Bank, which offers applicants the free availability of qualified personnel identified among migrants to support agriculture recovery and maintenance of terraces falling in Riomaggiore municipalities, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. Thanks to the revenue from the Card is also possible to maintain the agriculture monorails indispensable for vertical transport of weights. Lastly the work done to address the coastal erosion and MEDSEA project Litter, realized with Legambiente, to reduce the presence of plastic in the sea.



Polignano a mare, Monopoli, Fasano, Ostuni and Carovigno (Ba and Br)

Un patrimonio storico, cultural and landscape within the Monumental Piana degli Olivi which extends from the hills to the sea, recently inserted inside of the Register of National Historic Rural Landscapes by Mipaaf. Un paesaggio unico nel suo genere, which includes beautiful villages by the white lime, historical valuable elements including the Trajan and South Francigena, symbols of antiquity with archaeological valuable areas, historic fortified farms and two natural parks, cioè l’Area Marina Protetta di Torre Guaceto e il Parco Naturale Regionale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo. The government of this area have focused on soft mobility, sustainable waste management and water protection cycle. Noteworthy the Fasano-Lake refining system Forcatella where the wastewater is reused in agriculture. In addition, since last July 2017 it also enabled the first fountain of drinking water from wastewater, as part of the trial 'waste water purification »with livestock purposes.



Municipalities of Isola del Giglio, Capalbio, Orbetello, Magliano in Toscana and Monte Argentario (GR)

It may represent a kind of southern gateway to the sanctuary for marine mammals. It then develops between the coastal dunes, The well-kept beaches of Capalbio coastline and clear waters of the island of Giglio with an extraordinary quality hinterland. The island of the archipelago has rapidly recovered on the tourism front after the seasons marked by the presence of the wreck of the Costa Concordia.



Castellabate municipalities, Montecorice, S. Mauro Cilento, Pollica (SA)

A coastal strip that runs from Santa Maria di Castellabate to the hamlet of Pioppi Pollica, embellished by a marine protected area, by the presence of the Cilento National Park and the initiative of the City of Pollica. The small town of Cilento has played and continues to exert a towing function than the rest of the territory, developing in particular the issues of the promotion of the Mediterranean diet, which has found its cradle and its consecration desired by UNESCO intangible heritage. To underline more recently the construction of the Cilento Card that allows you to integrate into a virtuous cycle of local areas of excellence and the work carried out by Slow Food for the promotion of quality fish, beginning with menaica anchovies, today it subjected to an exaggerated drawing which subtracts resources to the small-scale coastal fishing.

Cilento OFFERS


Baunei (Og)

Known for the amazing landscapes of coast among the most evocative of Sardinia, the ski area, which coincides with the territory of Baunei, It offers unique nature walks in the Mediterranean (the famous Wild Blue trail) that allow achieving safe, overland, cove Goloritzè, Ispuligidenie (cala Mariolu), Cala Biriola, cala Sisine e cala Luna. From 1 July also of Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriola will set up a limited number, or "Friendly number", as they prefer to call it here, to limit the human impact on particular naturalistic areas. At the Ispuligidenie beach is a removable jetty was installed as the only docking point in order to regulate access and contingentare the protecting presences of the delicate ecosystem. In the Marina of Baunei-Santa Maria Navarrese to the service of the port mobility it is ensured by the use of bicycles and electric vehicles powered by solar energy and is available to tourists a municipal bike sharing service. An agreement between the local administration and coastal and beach operators will improve the cleaning service dell'arenile and vigilance against sand theft. Finally in the Supramonte were recently replaced 5 polluting and noisy gensets with inground power line.



City of Ustica (PA)

The island that boasts the first marine protected area established in our country. Over the past few years he has been able to give a definite acceleration to environmental protection policies by closing the virtuous cycle of the waters with the construction of a desalination plant with reverse osmosis that enables the saving of 75% of electrical energy and providing for reuse irrigation purposes of the clear water. The dissequestro area of ​​transferring waste, blocked for years, It allowed to leave with the collection. Finally the use of canoes transparent bottom for better appreciate the zone A of the reserve. This and other initiatives have experienced a real boom in tourism with the influx double-digit percentage increases over 2017.



Municipalities of San Vito Lo Capo, Custonaci, Erice (TP)

It is a stretch of coastline between the most beautiful and richest of the whole island. Set between the promontory of Mount Hood and the reserve of this area Zingaro, expertly guided by the common efforts of San Vito lo Capo, rugged coastline alternates, equally impressive beaches and majestic cliffs overlooking the sea. Good the fight against small illegal building activities that led to the killing of numerous artifacts. Exemplary also the work that has been done to promote the issue of accessibility at tourist facilities.



City of Bosa (Or)

It represented along the coast from the territory of Bosa, the area is characterized by the presence of one of the river villages among the most fascinating that adheres to the network of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Bosa has a commitment to the preservation of environmental values ​​of the vast and imposing coastal system that 30 It develops km to Alghero and study and protection of biodiversity: in partenariato con l’Università di Sassari il Comune realizza una campagna di monitoraggio dei cetacei con giornate di informazione e divulgazione e sempre con l’Università, the Region and the Forestry Department conducts studies and implements habitat conservation actions of griffins and information for citizens and tourists.



Melendugno municipalities and Otranto (The)

To distinguish the towns of Otranto and Melendugno falling in this area a policy of protection and environmental education aimed at recovery of the landscape and cultural heritage in the area, major tourist attractors. Considerable commitment to defining the Marine Protected Area, fundamental instrument for the protection of biodiversity.




City of Maratea (Pz)

The area of ​​Maratea Coast embraces the Tyrrhenian stretch of the province of Potenza. Here some time working for identity and appreciation of the landscape and for the definition of tourism policies strongly centered on themes of attention to the environment, to active tourism and outdoor activities. Worth noting in this regard the work for the realization of well 60 climbing walls along the coast, of hillside paths and altitude for experienced hikers and an outdoor center that will host sports associations of the territory. In this sense it has given rise to the recovery of ancient coastal paths for sustainable tourism and off-season, breathtaking routes that create access to coves and hidden beaches.



Santa Teresa Gallura municipalities, Palau, Arzachena (Ot)

The three municipalities in the district they represent a highly integrated tourist system, which has its most valuable territory of the protected marine area of ​​Capo Testa-Punta Falcone, whose preliminary phase was completed a few weeks ago with the establishment of new protected area. Very interesting the efficiency measures of the mobility system, by the implementation of decentralized parking card for incentive actions of functional foot movements to the reduction of traffic, reducing the number of parked cars and to discover the authenticity characteristics of the town and the rural territory.



Common Centola-Palinuro, Pisciotta, Camerota, (SA)

It is the most impressive part of the coast of Cilento, It characterized by majestic cliffs and large caves paradise of divers and beach lovers. Again the presence of a marine protected area, that of the Infreschi Coast, seals the landscape and natural wealth of a well managed territory. Among the good practices it is worth noting the experience of the Lydians in the Park, beach resorts every year are assembled and disassembled entirely on the coast of Marina di Camerota.



Santa Marina Salina municipalities, Malfa, Leni, (Me)

In the past year on the island of Sicily we have been carried out important environmental protection initiatives. In particular, the island has been implemented the system of collection "door to door pushed" for proper recycling and the adoption of domestic composting practices. This allowed in a few months to double the collection rates widened to some 50%. Upcoming goals are to create a Santa Marina Municipal Collection Center and a small community composting plant, in order to further reduce the use of landfills.

Important impetus was given to the planning and design of measures in defense of the villages and the coast, subject to continuous and steady erosion, as well as for the safety of some streams and rocky ridges. By year's end they should be initiated by the coast protection works in the Language fraction, between places black and the Lighthouse of Punta Language, by securing the entire area of ​​the pond, archaeological site and recognized as Z.P.S. for the high natural value, as well as the areas surrounding.

Regarding renewable sources and energy saving, It is in the process of setting up the Energy Manager and in June (23 and 24) It is scheduled for the event "Energy Days" to promote the use of solar and photovoltaic technologies for the production of electricity. It also started a design to adhere to the measure 8.5 RDP for the improvement of public lighting.


Pantelleria Island – SICILY

City of Pantelleria (TP)

It is one of the largest, and among the most evocative Italian islands minor. After the devastating fire of 2016 National Park was established on completion of the most recent election of the President and the Governing Council has finally led to the start of an intense work of promotion and protection of one of the agricultural landscapes of the best preserved in our country. Famous for the vines to tree and the ancient terraces overlooking the sea that create a particularly picturesque landscape, the island and its small communities have managed to preserve an undamaged area with outstanding natural and geological.


Here are the reasons that determine the choices made by Legambiente and Touring Club of Italy :

There are pearls admired all over the world such as the Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast, places full of history and tradition as the Maremma and Salento, areas such as Ustica where nature is less marked by human intervention. And, beyond the classic iconography of the binomial "golden beach as the crystal clear sea", not lacking natural paradises like the Po delta and the rugged Lampedusa and a selection of lakes. The annual guide of Legambiente and Touring Club Italian, The most beautiful sea 2018, It was presented this morning in Rome.

Sardinia is also this year's most awarded region with 5 districts in 5 sails: from the lands of the Barony of Posada, just below Olbia, area to the north comprising the coastal Gallura; and then further south from the area of ​​Baunei and along the coast of Chia to get to the west coast, along the coast of Planargia, which includes the municipality of Bosa. Other highlights include awards from Sicily (4 districts in 5 sails), Puglia, Campania, Tuscany (all three with two districts in 5 sails), Liguria and Basilicata.

appointment, Tourism coordinated by the head of Legambiente Sebastiano Venneri, They intervened Maurice Gubbins, President RomaNatura, Stefano Ciafani, President of the National Legambiente, Giulio Lattanzi, Director General of the Italian Touring Club, Corrado Matera, Councilor for Tourism and Sustainable Development Region Campania, Angelo Gentili, Legambiente National Secretariat, Tore Sanna, vice president of Federparchi, Giuseppe Dodaro, Foundation for Sustainable Development, Leonardo Rubattu, Director General Iccrea Bank, Antonio Fentini, Mayor Tremiti, Roberto Vitali, presidente Village for All, Gianfranco Conti, Director Cesare Serono Foundation and Federica Barbera, progetto Clean Sea Life.

"For the second year we confirmed the division of the coastal territory in tourist areas – state president of Legambiente Stefano Ciafani -. We preferred that evaluate territories a bit 'wider than the single common coastal, in the belief that tourists now move on an area which does not respect administrative boundaries. In addition, we want to tell how the territorial networks and communities are able to exploit the locations and their natural heritage. The types of tourism that cultivate a close relationship with the territory are in fact becoming true forerunner of the entire tourist system, The best way to tell the excellence is to launch the challenge of tourist districts that look at sustainability as the main ingredient. in the meantime, resorts to five sails are not only the most beautiful of our country, but also better able to meet the challenges of the next tourism change coming, longer able to renew and revive their holiday offer ".

"The decision to promote rather than individual municipalities territories is a choice that we have espoused with conviction because the territories are the supplement context of the evolution of tourism and enhance the identity of the country's plural - says Giulio Lattanzi, Director General of the Italian Touring Club. The rigorous selection proposal by the guide represents well our landscape enhancement mission, cultural and artistic heritage of the productive economies of the territories. The collaboration between Legambiente and Touring - concludes Lattanzi - is based not so much and not only on the common work that leads to this guide as on the principle of sharing of what is the role of the Italian tourist practice, We see us together and neighbors respect to the major issues of the country. "

"For many, the holiday time is that of the days in which we find the desire and joy of doing something, to restart their body and pedal, to walk, climb, rowing and so on - says Sebastiano Venneri, Responsible Tourism Legambiente -. These are called 'active holiday' that have replaced the sedentary holiday of yore. It is a veritable army of holidaymakers from around the world choose the destinations that offer dynamic tourism proposals. In this sense, our country has much room for improvement, opportunity also to free themselves from a cliché that is likely to force Italy from the boundary of Italy, a place that is attractive only for its history, its traditions, his past words. A little 'risky when you consider that in 2025, in a few years, the 50% tourists will be constituted by so-called millennials today, a young audience who likes to identify destinations to satisfy their desire to experience. Our best destinations, those five sails intended for, They have been able to collect long this challenge and are gearing up accordingly ".

The guide tells 44 one of the nicest beaches of our country and a series of lake sites. It does not pretend to be a census of Italian bathing areas but it is primarily a selection based on criteria based on water quality and, more generally, attention to the environment. The basis of selection are the analysis and assessment of the Green Schooner, For the second consecutive year assigns the "sails" not to seaside resorts but to entire holiday regions. A particular attention is paid, In addition, the possibilities of hikes, diving, bike paths, canoe rentals, places that are worth a special visit or small experiences that will be hard to forget. The story of the coastal resorts, In short, It is integrated with suggestions and tips for a green holiday, sun and sea but also, for who wants, physical activity.

I'm 17 marine areas that have earned the recognition of five sails and 6 those lakes. In total, marine tourist areas are collected in the volume 96 and 40 those lakes. Identified on the basis of data collected by the Legambiente environmental quality and those of accommodation services: land use, degradation of the landscape and biodiversity, tourist activities; state of coastal areas; mobility; energy; water and wastewater treatment; trash; sustainability initiatives; food safety and typical productions; high, beaches and inland, social structure and health. They are large areas that can also be more common, a choice dictated by the fact that those who go on vacation does not stop at administrative border, but often visits a larger area opting for mobile leisure mode.

Scores of tourist areas in five sails are the lands of the Barony of Posada and Tepilora Park (in the province of Nuoro on the west coast of Sardinia, Best shared with Posada, followed by Siniscola), the coast of Chia (south of Sardinia, which covers the area of ​​the municipality of Domus de Maria in the province of Cagliari) second and third Maremma Toscana (Castiglione della Pescaia as best common, followed by Scarlino, Marina di Grosseto and Follonica in the province of Grosseto).

In fourth place soar the Cinque Terre (Guided by Vernazza in Liguria, Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare), fifth the cost of the Agricultural Park Ancient Olive trees (in Puglia, led by the town of Polignano a Mare followed by Ostuni, Monopoli, Fasano and Carovigno in the provinces of Bari and Brindisi), the sixth the ancient Cilento (in Campania, in the province of Salerno, with-Pollica Acciaroli and Pioppi, Castellabate, San Mauro Cilento e Montecorice). They follow in the ranking the Silver coast and the island of Giglio (head in the island of Giglio, and then Capalbio, Magliano in Toscana, Orbetello and Monte Argentario, all in the province of Grosseto), the Coast of Baunei (on Sardinia's east coast), l’isola di Ustica (in Sicily), the coast north Trapanese (un comprensorio nella Sicilia orientale con al vertice il comune di San Vito Lo Capo, followed by Custonaci and Erice), la Planargia (or the coast of the town of Bosa), the Upper Adriatic Salento (the municipalities of Melendugno and Otranto in the province of Lecce), the coast of Maratea (in the province of Potenza in Basilicata). And then the island of Salina (in the Aeolian archipelago in Sicily), the Gallura coast (in the province of Olbia-Tempio, leading Santa Teresa di Gallura, Then Palau and Arzachena), Myth Coast (in Campania, in the province of Salerno, with the municipality of Camerota in the head followed by Centola-Palinuro and Pisciotta) and Pantelleria (Sicily).

In the ranking of the lake districts in five sails stands in first place Lake Molveno (TN), followed by those of Fiè (BZ) and Montiggler (BZ), all in Trentino Alto Adige. They follow in the ranking of Mis Lake in Veneto, Lake Accesa (Tuscany) and Lake Avigliana Grande (in Piedmont). The Trentino-Alto Adige is the region with the largest number of areas among the top finishers.

Ad Antonio Fentini, Mayor Tremiti, this morning the award I am a friend of the Sea was delivered, awarded by Legambiente to those who over the past year stood out for sea protection initiatives. The City was awarded for the ban, starting from 1 last May, of disposable plastic tableware throughout the Archipelago.

The plastic theme, In addition, They were presented the Clean Sea Life projects and Med Sea Litter, with the objectives of promoting awareness about pollution risks from plastic and monitoring tools.

Worth noting, Finally, two appointments for the coming months that will see protagonists the places awarded by Legambiente and Touring Club Italian. The first, "A school of Trentino", It will be held in Molveno from 18 to the 22 September Laghinfesta of the initiative by Legambiente and the City of Molveno: five days of study and holiday for those who want to learn how to make environmental tourism. The 19 and 20 October will be held instead in Capalbio the appointment with the Community of Sails, The workshops for sharing best practices with coastal places awarded the flags of Legambiente and Touring Club Italian.

The guide The most beautiful sea, published by the Italian Touring Club in collaboration with BCC Credito Cooperativo, It is in bookstores at a price of 19.90 Euro (256 pages).

Ranking marine areas in five sails


1 Barony of Posada and Tepilora Park

Posada e Siniscola (Nu)

2 Coast Chia

Mary House (CA)

3 Maremma Toscana

Castiglione della Pescaia, Scarlino, Marina di Grosseto and Follonica (GR)

4 Cinque Terre

Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare (Sp)

5 the agricultural park Coast of the Ancient Olive trees

Polignano a mare, Ostuni, Monopoli, Fasano Carovigno (Ba and Br)

6 Cilento Antico

Pollica, Castellabate, S. Mauro Cilento, Montecorice (SA)

7 Silver Coast, Isola del Giglio

Lily island, Capalbio, Orbetello, Magliano in Toscana and Monte Argentario (GR)

8 Coast of Baunei

Baunei (Og)

9 Ustica

Ustica (PA)

10 North Coast Trapanese

San Vito Lo Capo, Custonaci, Erice (TP)

11 Planargia

Bosa (Or)

12 Upper Adriatic Salento

Melendugno and Otranto (The)

13 Coast of Maratea

Maratea (Pz)

14 Salina Island

Santa Maria Salina, Malfa, Leni, (Me)

15 AMP coastal Gallura and Capo Testa

Santa Teresa Gallura, Palau, Arzachena (Ot)

16 Costa del Mito

Camerota, Centola-Palinuro, Pisciotta (SA)

17 Pantelleria Island (TP)

Pantelleria (TP)

Ranking of Regions
1 Sardinia
2 Sicily
3 Puglia
4 Campania
5 Tuscany
6 Liguria
7 Basilicata
Ranking lake districts in 5 sails
Region Common PR Lake with him 2017
Trentino Alto Adige MOLVENO TN Lake Molveno 5
Trentino Alto Adige OR’ THE SCILIAR BZ Lake Fiè 5
Trentino Alto Adige APPIANO ON THE WINE ROUTE BZ Montiggler 5
Veneto SOSPIROLO BL My lake 5
Tuscany Massa Marittima GR Lago of the 5
Piedmont AVIGLIANA To Lake Avigliana Grande 5

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