Spearfishing apnea all ’ Look : technique & tips.

In the technique of fishing to the appearance the fisherman does not advance towards the fish, but waits until prey comes close to the operating range for shooting.

In the technique of fishing all ’ look the fisherman does not advance towards the fish, but waits until prey comes close to the operating range for shooting.

The technique varies depending on the area of use and the backdrop, in fact in rocky areas, generally the Fisherman hides waiting fish approaching ’ l; in clear water we practice l ’ mezzacqua appearance and often ends with glides closer. Generally in clear water will undermine Seabass and Snappers. Many fishermen argue that making a kind of lure with mouth functions to intrigue the prey which usually approaches. The athletic movement that you enclose in fishing all ’ aspect can be described in 6 stages:

– Upside down
– Descent into the depths
– Stakeout
– Shooting
– Recovery of the fish
– Surface lifts

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We analyze phases starting from upside down to be as smooth and quiet by exploiting maximum swimming lessons
The descent will be composed, trying to move the flippers slowly and without any other body movements.
Generally the rifle is kept stretched along the body so as not to be too visible.

L ’ stalking must be really quiet, This is the most complicated because it depends on the depth and the size we have in belt, You should try not to move the fins that estates expanses, l ’ help of anklets can be important.

In summer it is generally deeper and fishing ’ trim is calculated more positive, for this you get faster on the bottom and you will have to try to reduce speed.

In winter you are fishing in shallower depths and the problem changes.

If the visibility is good we try to study the seabed so decide in advance an inadvertent ’ stalking. The ideal positioning will allow the angler to hide completely and will allow optimal viewing, These theoretical terms often have to accept compromises.

As you may be well hidden and camouflaged, consider that fish feel the presence of the foreign ’ however and in advance. Their approach then is not accidental, but it is always guided by the curiosity of discovery and defense of the territory.

Usually you will see a direct and frontal approach snapper and sea bass, while others will make gradual approach speed. Often you will have the prey at the right distance.

When fishing on a shoal or a specific area for a long time in the same bar, should space out dive so as not to spook their prey.

During recovery it is important to try not to say the fish touching the bottom that makes it likely the nylon line break.
If you try to catch large prey items you will need to provide the rifle roll-up and recovery system “clutch” screw (Reel). And’ important that all ’ equipment is maintained with care in order to preserve its full functionality.

of Naturaestrema.it team 27 January 2012