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Freediving spearfishing and underwater hazards

The practice of underwater apnea requires a gradual approach and theoretical/practical course is recommended in advance which take knowledge of techniques and sports medical implications. This will help us to prevent the dangers of this wonderful sport.

The practice of’underwater apnea requires a gradual approach and theoretical/practical course is recommended in advance which take knowledge of techniques and lapels Sports physician.

During the athletic movement in fact ’ body is subjected to stresses such as the diving reflex d ’, blood or slipping (blood shift) requiring specific learning lessons.

During the spearfishing courses also described are the most effective techniques of spearfishing, as l ’ ambush and l ’ aspect.

Are given recommendations for purchasing materials such as ’ : Speargun spear guns or air, diving wetsuit, fins, mask etc.

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General practice of’Apnea Sportiva, both during training and during competitions l ’ athlete is assisted by a technical staff of support ready to intervene in case of problems.

This situation of safety must be replicated during spearfishing trips, Therefore it is highly recommended not to go out at Sea alone. Underwater fishing in fact would need to be accompanied by a second person with the same technical skills (able to reach the same depth).
Unfortunately due to the scarcity of prey, or to spice up the joke, even if you fish in pairs, We tend to scan various areas of seabed neglecting this aspect of safety.

The rule more effective would be to fishing in pairs, both in the water and alternately one of two supervising l ’ more from the surface, ready to intervene in case of problems.

Remember that no arrest warrants the reduction of safety parameters, also why is never useful to extend beyond the due time of apnea and go beyond the depth physically reached safely.

To maintain high security parameters a simple but effective trick is to adopt in a belt releasable weight (safety buoy). The burden in question will be part of the original balance of sub, but in the event of difficulties can be quickly abandoned to allow a faster.

On the market you can find (or can be made by hand) versions with line recuperaile.

A ’ other question stems on the position of the diving ’ mouthpiece during the. Many instructors and experts suggest sub remove the mouthpiece during the dive ’ so you don't have a direct access to water via d ’ lungs in case of anoxic syncope or loss of consciousness.

Direct experiences of other divers and free divers recount rather than have blacked out during an ascent as a result of prolonged apnea and being awakened by breathing through the mouthpiece that had kept in his mouth.

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