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SPEARFISHING : The White trophy won by Julius Lane, Ligurian champion again 2013.

Massimiliano White Trophy 2013 It was won by Julius Lane that says Ligurian sample.

The trophy was held a few days ago "Massimiliano Bianco”, organized by the Club Break sail and power, valid as Italian regional championship spearfishing in apnea for society.

The race was held on a cold day but with calm sea. Due to the season, of current and thermocline still very low underwater visibility was virtually nothing. Numerous athletes have worked all ’ within the competition area that stretched from Portovenere till the vicinity with the marine park of the Cinque Terre, adopting different fishing strategies and trying to get the ultimate in a difficult day for the spearfishing.

Among the many fishermen entered the race, stood out Julius Lane that made a good race ’ with notable sports achievements : Despite the winter marine conditions, “Lane” He managed to fish beyond the 20 meters deep, where others did not dare because of the cold and poor visibility.

This tenacity and technical expertise have enabled Julius important captures that made all the difference, putting him on the top step of the podium.

Are then the technical capacity and determination emerging from this sports competition; Julius Lane Thus the conquest Ligurian regional championship 2013.

On the same occasion the team won third place in the trophy “Andreani” and the prize “Most beautiful prey”.

By winning the Trophy, the Team Break helps to keep alive the memory of a memory athlete, but above all, of a man, He has shared for years with the sea passion of spearfishing, “Massimiliano Bianco“.

of team 23 March 2013