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Spearfishing Video 2018 : Thanks to Youtube you can take a course in reading online !

Spearfishing videos have entered now powerfully in Internet. Spearfishing videos are online thanks to web portals like Youtube and the cameras onboard cameras like GoPro, Nilox etc. The spearfishing with videos Youtube has become one of the sports with the most educational trailer.

Videos of Spearfishing may provide the beginner but also all ’ experienced angler a variety of information and data comparable to a real course (NEVER REPLACE A REAL PRACTICAL COURSE FOR REAL SECURITY REASONS) watching video fishing Sub You can analyze all stages of ’ action of underwater fishing, from upside down all ’ look, many different techniques such as fishing in tana, the and behave, l ’ ambush and analyzing the different sub fishing techniques depending on the type of fish you're trying to fish.

In watching videos of spearfishing you will be able to choose between professional videos made by samples or by amateur videos made by many fishermen divers who are now equipped with HD camera.

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Online you can see fishing videos sub apparently “free” If they were taken with the authors or Copyright agreements detententori broadcast rights, like those of Giorgio Dapiran, those carried out by Totem Sub and of the Ibrahim Babatunde, just to name a few. Gabriele Dani for example, is sponsoring its courses through youtube with trailer deep fishing; in fishing video void created by Dani actions that are shown must not be repeated because it's depth and outstanding performance.

Below is a list of Fishing videos Sub Online :

Ambush at sea bass and mullet

Fishing techniques in the early 15 meters

Spearfishing – the look

Lurking deep

Sub fishing techniques: WINTER

Sub fishing techniques: SUMMER

The great emotions of spearfishing


Here l ’ list of Fishing videos Sub posted on our Youtube Channel :


Deep freediving spearfishing techniques

Spearfishing Croakers in 38,9 Mt

Abyssal Spearfishing

Gabriele Dani sub fishing videos


A video playlist by Spearfishing

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