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Eudishow 2014 and spearfishing

To Eudishow 2014 in Bologna he discusses the future of freediving Spearfishing today. Between new equipment and regulations.

For some years it related activities ’ apnea and l are the protagonists of a positive trend that seems to have no equal in the world of diving. Among the reasons that led to this growth as both a number of practitioners of attention towards this sector of diving, one from which, If you want to be objective, they took away l ’ exploration and knowledge of the underwater world, You can list, without wanting to be exhaustive, the ease with which you can learn this practice, that does not require particularly complicated equipment, l ’ existence of charismatic champions able to attract and inspire many young, l ’ ’ apnea and high dell sports, last but not least, the emotional components that it may devote to fans. Aware of this, Assosub and Eudishow they wanted to devote more space all ’ apnea in specialized exhibition events and ’ for the 2014 the 22° Eudi Show wanted to pay particular attention to this area of diving by offering producers and fans display areas and specific areas dedicated to meetings and debates.

Among the many events all’ “universe apnea” 1° Convegno F.I.P.I. stands out in. (Italy Federation Spearfishing) entitled “Spearfishing
What future for spearfishing ?
Consolidated reality in the aggregation and in the representation of fishermen in recreational diving, the FIPIA meant by this Conference that will see alternation onstage speakers with extensive experience and charismatic characters as Umberto Pellizzari, true standard-bearer of worldwide apnea ’, take stock of the situation and deal with the issues related to this recreational activity practiced, According to some estimates, from at least 300.000 Italians. This is a really substantial number of adherents which has been a specialized market continues to grow. Are two elements that must make us reflect and which makes dutiful attention to spearfishing by legislators and experts of many fields related to the management and all ’ the sea economy here in the broadest sense of the term.
Object at the same time of praise and criticism, spearfishing is now in an important phase of its growth, a phase that requires and demands who arezza on all fronts and that requires no doubt l ’ opening a round table with all stakeholders from which can emerge, supported by unambiguous data on the real impact of the fishermen in apnea, new regulations (also at the European level) establishing fair rules, eliminating obsolete and controversial ones.
Paradoxically, but not too, It could be argued that the protection of the sea might also go through better regulation of spearfishing and this first Conference can really represent a decisive step for addressing objectively the future of spearfishing and its induced.
In light of the above we invite all fans to participate in the Congress against giving their comments and proposals in this important initiative.

of team 15 March 2014